11 Essential AD Tools replaced with PowerShell

I was reading September edition of TechNet Magazine and came across this article: 11 Essential Tools for Managing Active Directory.

I knew that AD cmdlets and PowerShell are a great replacement for all these small discrepant utilities we had to use before but I guess I have never fully realized that before I looked at the list which Laura had compiled for TechNet:

  • CSVDE – allows you to import new objects into Active Directory using a CSV source file; it also provides you with the ability to export existing objects to a CSV file – replaced with Get-QADUser / New-QADUser cmdlets (and other get/new cmdlets for other kinds of objects).
  • LDIFDE – in addition to creating new objects, can also modify and delete existing objects – same as above and Set-QADUser and other Set- cmdlets.
  • Dsadd – create an instance of an Active Directory object class – New-QADUser, New-QADGroup, etc.
  • Dsmod – modify an existing object – Set-QADUser, Set-QADGroup, etc.
  • Dsrm – delete an object – Remove-QADObject.
  • Dsmove – move or rename an object – Rename-QADObject, Move-QADObject.
  • Dsget – takes an object’s DN as input and provides you with the value of the attributes you specify – Get-QADUser and other Get- cmdlets.
  • Dsquery – returns a list of Active Directory objects that meet criteria you specify – same as above – Get-QADUser and other Get- cmdlets.
  • Adfind – eturns a list of Active Directory objects that meet criteria you specify – same as above – Get-QADUser and other Get- cmdlets.
  • Admod – modify existing objects – Set-QADUser, Set-QADGroup, etc.
  • Oldcmp – scans your Active Directory database for computer accounts that have not been used in a specified number of weeks – Get-QADComputer. [UPDATE] Here’s how you locate outdated computer accounts in Active Directory.

Isn’t it amazing how one tool with consistent syntax is now replacing 11 different command line utilities and can do all that and much more?

You can find the AD PowerShell cheat sheet in one of my previous posts.


[Update] OK, maybe we should still keep using OldCmp from JoeWare. This utility does more than just finding old computers. Yes, all of that can be done with PowerShell but Joe’s utility makes up a nice integrated solution with various checks and options built into it.

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