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PowerShell for SQL Change Management

Quest Change Director for SQL TechEd logoQuest Software has just released another PowerShell-enabled product (don’t you see a trend here? 😉 – this time the company has added PowerShell command-line to SQL Change Management product – Quest Change Director for SQL.

Change Director basically allows SQL administrators and developers to perform all the operation related to changes: automatically move changes from dev to test to production database environments, perform impact analysis without actually making changes, rolling back changes (including schema changes), version control, detailed change audits, and much more.

In earlier releases of the product it was UI and UI alone. Customers wanted more automation and scripting options. The development team responded with adding PowerShell to the project.

Now you can for example output database comparison into an Excel file with this command:

$a=get-cddatabase myServ base1
$b=get-cddatabase servMain base2
compare-cdobject $a $b | export-cdexcel 'c:\test.xls'

Or export a database snapshot to a file with that:

$a = Get-CDDatabase hostname base1
Get-CDSnapshot $a | Export-CDSnapshot 'c:\cdsnapshot.cds'

You can watch Change Director flash demo, read documentation or download a trial version at the site page. There’s also online community for Change Director with a wealth of videos, tutorials, documentation, team’s blog and discussion forums.


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