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VMware demos PowerGUI/PowerGadgets integration, VI goes PowerShell

Another big vendor is adopting PowerShell as the way to manage the infrastructure they provide and the vendor is… VMware. Definitely not a small name in the industry, and this by no means is some kind of side project for them. They are providing PowerShell for their key technology – VMware Infrastructure.

The announcement and a live demonstration was made at VmWorld last week. And Antonio – who delivered the session – actually made the slides available in his blog post with the news: VMworld2007_IO30.pdf.

What is even more cool is that during the session they demonstrated the integration they were getting with PowerGUI and PowerGadgets:

  • Created a quick PowerGUI pack with a node retrieving VMs,
  • Within PowerGUI console, filtered them by various properties,
  • And output the ones left into a PowerGadgets chart showing the CPU usage.

Slide on PowerGUI integration from VMware PowerShell session

This is pretty impressive and shows how much VMware “got it” and is joining the PowerShell ecosystem!

Congratulations to Antonio and the whole team!


P.S. By the way, check out the documentation generation script the guys are using. I’ve already forwarded this to the AD cmdlets team.

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