PowerGUI RTMs!

PowerGUI 1.0.14 has just got out and this is our first release which does not have the word “beta” in its name!

This RTM labeling is both a sign of the product stability and a result of the feature-richness the product achieved. We believe that PowerGUI is now a great administrative console and scripting IDE for a variety of platforms from AD, Exchange, and Windows Server, all the way to System Center.

Compared to the 1.0.13 beta the following are the key new features:

  1. Debugger: Pipeline debugging – you can go step-by-step through the pipeline and see which objects get processed and how.
  2. Editor: A lot of useful snippets in the editor (just press Ctrl-I or pick the corresponding menu item; we had snippets for a long time but the actual set of them was up to this build very limited.)
  3. Debugger: Breakpoints and Run to Cursor can now be set at any place within any line.
  4. Editor/Debugger options: customize font,select whether you want the PowerShell profile to get loaded, and whether PowerShell runspace needs to be re-initialized for each debug session.
  5. Admin console: Now supports right-click menu and doubleclicks in the data grid so you can use those instead of the Actions pane.
  6. Admin console: You can customize the order of links and actions.
  7. Admin console: Much improved local system, network, AD and Exchange management packs (I am sure Kirk will blog more about this).

And there are tons of other improvements and smaller features. As usual, the full list will be available in the PowerGUI roadmap page.

Needless to say, we are very excited to get the product available on the day of the Windows Server 2008 launch (the first OS to have PowerShell as a built-in component!)

And best of all, the product remains completely free. So whether you are a UI kind of administrator or a scripter – both the PowerShell-based admin console and a great PowerShell IDE are available for you, RTMed, free.

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