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PowerGUI 1.5.3 is out

We have just put on the site the latest release of PowerGUI – version 1.5.3.

You can find some details on the version history page on our wiki, but basically this is a bugfix release which we wanted to have between now and the feature-full and exciting 1.6 which we have in the works.

Major fixes in 1.5.3 include much improved “Output” pane in the editor which is basically a fully functional Immediate/PowerShell console window you can use while debugging your scripts:

Interactive PowerShell window in PowerGUI

In previous versions it had issues with not always properly handling keys such as Ctrl-F, Shift-arrows, PgUp/PgDn, Ctrl- PgUp/PgDn, Ctrl-Home, Ctrl-End, etc., etc. Now that’s in the past. Block commenting (Alt-drag) is now supported. And so on. If you still feel like there are things in the pane which do not work like they should – let us know.

The performance of the debugger got improved as well.

Also, in the PowerGUI admin console we have revamped the column selection mechanism so now by default you should be getting the same columns as PowerShell command-line gives you. And obviously all your changes should be properly maintained and exported.

Again, a more detailed list can be found here.

As usual you can download PowerGUI absolutely free from this page.

We will keep it as an optional download for about a week, and then turn on autoupdate so older versions get upgraded automatically (obviously if your computer is connected to the internet.)

Looking forward to your feedback on the discussion forums!

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