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Jeffrey’s PDC Session Recording

Channel 9 has just posted full recording of Jeffrey Snover’s PDC 2008 session:PowerShell: Creating Manageable Web Services.

Check it out – a lot of cool stuff inside!

(By the way, I am very impressed with the conference organizers and how they managed to publish all these recordings so fast. It used to take months to get post-conference DVDs – now just 24 hours and you watch the sessions online. Maybe Microsoft is indeed starting to get that cloud thing. ;))

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It’s official: Microsoft’s AD cmdlets in Server 2008 R2

We all knew that Microsoft’s AD team was working on a set of PowerShell cmdlets of their own, but now we know when and how these are going to be shipped. Jeffrey published stats on the PowerShell cmdlets in the upcoming (in 2010) Windows Server R2.

If you look carefully through the list you will see that one of the snapins is called… activedirectory and contains 76 cmdlets. And these are just for the AD itself. There are other related snapins, like GroupPolicy (25 cmdlets) and ADRMS.PS.Admin (15 Cmdlets).

As far as I know AD and RMS are also getting PowerShell providers.

Sounds like in a year and a half or so we will get a pretty comprehensive cmdlets coverage from Microsoft. Meanwhile, there are obviously free 3rd-party solutions providing similar functionality:

See full Windows Server 2008 snapin list in Jeffrey’s post.

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My IT Forum Schedule

Here’s when you can find me at the PowerShell booth (Ask the Experts area, 7b) at IT Forum in Barcelona next week:

Monday – 3 Nov: 19:00 – 21:00
Tuesday – 4 Nov: 10:00 – 13:00
Wednesday – 5 Nov: 10:00 – 13:00

Please stop by one of the days.

Besides myself, there will be a few other great PowerShell MVPs staffing the booth: MoW (who has also already published his schedule, Richard Siddaway, and Tobias Weltner).

The overall booth operating hours are:

  • Monday: 19-21,
  • Tuesday: 10-17,
  • Wednesday: 10-19;
  • Thursday: 9:45-18, and
  • Friday: 10-14.

Really looking forward to being there!

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PowerShell Dinner at IT Forum

Picture from the PowerShell dinner at the European TechEd IT Forum 2007If you are an active member of the PowerShell community and attending IT Forum in Barcelona next week – make sure that you have Thursday November 6 freed up for the one and only PowerShell Dinner. This is a very special event when a very small group of folks from Microsoft (like Jeffrey Snover ;)), vendors from the PowerShell ecosystem, PowerShell MVPs, and well-known community members meet to eat nice food discuss the PowerShell state and directions.

We are having those on all major events (TechEd US, TechEd 07, MMS, DEC, and IT Forum – and these are definitely not to be missed.)

Later today, I will be sending out the invites to the people who I know are attending the conference. If you do not receive the email, but you know that you qualify (e.g. you from a software company which has a PowerShell-related product, or you are a well-known PowerShell blogger, or active PowerShell newsgroup/forum participant, or wrote a PowerShell book and so on) – please send a note to Dmitry dot Sotnikov at quest with “PowerShell dinner” in the subject line – and I will get you in.

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Last week for early bird TEC registration

Jackson has just blogged that early bird registration for The Experts Conference expires at the end of the week.

As I mentioned before this event (formerly known as DEC) is one of the best Directory, Identity Management, and now Messaging events the industry has. And no with 4 PowerShell sessions already in the agenda it is definitely worth checking out.

PowerPack Challenge Results

Susan has just posted the results of the second (and the final) sprint of the PowerPack Challenge 2008, and the winners are…

The Second Most Active participant (and a proud owner of $250 Amazon certificate) is Adam Murray for his WebSphere MQ management PowerPack. As I have already blogged, this is an impressive console putting your SOA deployments under total PowerShell control.

Both the Most Active Participant and the Best PowerPack prizes ($500 each – $1000 in total) go to… Jason Archer for his incredible Terminal Services PowerPack – a must for any TS deployment.

Browse through connection files and tweak any RDP setting

Finally, Jonathan Medd’s WSUS PowerPack definitely deserves a special mention. It didn’t won any prize this time (competition was tough!) but is a very useful tool worth checking out!

Congratulations to everyone! And as a reminder: these and a few dozen of other PowerPacks are freely available for download from the ever growing PowerGUI Library – check it out!

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Hyper-V PowerPack out

Yesterday Kirk “Poshoholic” Munro made available his Hyper-V PowerPack for PowerGUI.

As you probably know, Hyper-V does not have PowerShell cmdlets but is exposing quite a few WMI interfaces. Kirk wrapped those into PowerShell scripts and made the whole library exposed in a very handy admin GUI.

The tool adds quite a few functions which native console does not have – see Kirk’s blog post for the full list. Thus, even if you don’t care about scripting you can just use it as a more feature-rich alternative.

If you are a PowerShell scripter (or want to become one) – all the code is available on the PowerShell code tab or in the Properties dialog boxes, and you can obviously make any tweaks, add your own scripts, etc., etc.

Read more about the pack here, or download it here.

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Webcast starting in 1 hour

The Quest Connect event is starting and the PowerShell session will go live in about an hour.

The cool thing (which I was told just yesterday) is that once the webcast goes live it will also become available as a recording. See the first paragraph from the session page:

All webcasts will be on demand two hours after the live presentation, so you won’t miss any of the content. Please see the full schedule below.

Do Not Fear the Command Line: PowerShell Made Easy
5:00 a.m. EDT (GMT-4)
10:00 a.m. British Summer Time (GMT+1)

Dmitry Sotnikov – Manager, New Product Research, Quest Software
Darin Pendergraft – Senior Product Manager, Quest Software

PowerShell, the command line interface for Microsoft’s technology platforms, is here. Are you ready? During this session, PowerShell MVP Dmitry Sotnikov will discuss PowerShell and its implications on the future of IT. In addition, Darin Pendergraft will demonstrate PowerGUI, Quest’s free graphical user interface (and command line-hiding interface) for PowerShell.

The session and the recording will be in the Active Directory area.

There will also be an AD virtual booth/chat room in which I will try to hang out as much as I can to answer any PowerShell-related questions. See you there!

Here’s full list of sessions (borrowed from detailed agenda):

  • Do Not Fear the Command Line: PowerShell Made Easy
  • A New View on Application Management
  • A Simple Game Plan to Master SharePoint Recovery
  • Change and Configuration Management: Bring Order to Chaos withSystem Center
  • Active Directory as the Enterprise Identity Store: Are you Crazy?
  • Worth the Wait – Why SQL Server 2008 is Great
  • The E-Discovery Easy Button: Finding it and Using it
  • Achieving Optimal Performance from your Virtual Infrastructure
  • AD, SOX, JSOX, SoD, PCI, Attestation: Someone, Stop the Insanity!
  • Managing the Impact of Virtualization on Applications and End Users
  • Get More From SharePoint! Best Practices for Migrating SharePoint 2003 to 2007
  • End-to-End Service Management: System Center is Left Standing When the Talking is Done!
  • Shouldn’t Single Sign-on be Child’s Play?
  • Checking Under the Hood of SQL Server 2008
  • Notes Transition to Microsoft? No Problem.

The event is starting so go to the registration page and join us.

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Richard’s AD LiveMeeting

Richard has just posted the details on the November UK Usergroup meeting – it will all be about managing Active Directory with PowerShell.

The cool thing is that there will also be a LiveMeeting for those not able to attend (and that the meeting is late enough to be OK both for Europe and North America). All details available here.

Looks like this is going to be more in-depth than the Quest Connect introductory session Darin and I are giving this week.

By the way, if you have not already done so, check out Richard’s recent Windows IT Pro Magazine article on Windows Server 2008 Fine-Grained Password Policies and PowerShell.

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Brandon on AD cmdlets

My fellow MVP and a well-known PowerShell/AD/Citrix guru Brandon Shell has started a series of AD management posts at – something you might want to start tracking!

Besides a couple of into posts on himself and AD cmdlets, he has already published a nice script for user account provisioning from CSV files.

I have also posted articles on CSV provisioning before, but Brandon’s script looks like a very nice solution handling errors and supporting all attributes in a more universal way. Check it out here.

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