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The usergroup is tomorrow

UK PowerShell usergroup with myself and Darin Pendergraft presenting the latest developments on PowerGUI and AD cmdlets is happening tomorrow (Tuesday, May 19) on Microsoft campus in Reading, UK from 6:30 till 9 pm.

I really hope to see a lot of you there or have you join over LiveMeeting if you cannot make it. The LiveMeeting details are here.

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Dmitry to present at UK PowerShell Usergroup

May 19, 2009 I will be presenting to one of my favorite PowerShell groups – UK PowerShell Usergroup. I will talk about PowerGUI and AD cmdlets, demo the latest changes, answer any questions, and so on. Darin Pendregraft (Product Manager for PowerGUI will also be there to commit to any dates or features ;)).

Please let Richard know if you are planning to attend in person (which I really hope!) or use LiveMeeting to join via internet.

See Richard’s blog post for all details.

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Richard’s AD LiveMeeting

Richard has just posted the details on the November UK Usergroup meeting – it will all be about managing Active Directory with PowerShell.

The cool thing is that there will also be a LiveMeeting for those not able to attend (and that the meeting is late enough to be OK both for Europe and North America). All details available here.

Looks like this is going to be more in-depth than the Quest Connect introductory session Darin and I are giving this week.

By the way, if you have not already done so, check out Richard’s recent Windows IT Pro Magazine article on Windows Server 2008 Fine-Grained Password Policies and PowerShell.

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PowerShell UK Usergroup Meeting

Richard has just posted the details of the UK usergroup meeting next Tuesday, June 17. This one will be a very special for me because I could finally arrange my traveling schedule to actually be there in person.

I am planning to demo what is coming in PowerGUI 1.5.1 and the RTM of AD cmdlets 1.1, and will talk about the general philosophy behind the projects, and longterm directions.

Would be great if you can make it and be there in person – I would really love to see you face to face. Richard hopes to get a LiveMeeting set up as well – but if you are based in UK I really hope you can make it to the meeting in person.

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See Richard’s blog for all the details: time, address, directions, etc.

Longhorn UG in UK, Scotty and Austin Blogging

Just found from Austin Osuide that not only has Windows Server 2008 started (congratulations, Scotty!), they already have the website up and running, and Scotty made Austin start blogging too.

Scotty and Austin have been active members of the PowerShell Usergroup so now the Longhorn group is surely in good hands!

Also, both Austin and Scotty are among the top IT consultants in UK so I hope some of their insight is going to be leak through their blogs. (And thanks for the congratulations, Austin!)

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Austin’s DEC PowerShell Dinner Pictures

Austin has just started uploading some of the pictures he took at DEC last week to his Flickr stream. This is a useful source of visual information of who is who in the PowerShell world (unfortunately not comprehensive because not everyone made it to the conference).

Scotty, Deji, me, onion rings, and Richard

Scotty, Dung, me, onion rings, and Richard

Robert and Rene from PowerGadgets

Robert and Rene from PowerGadgets

Rolf, Austin, his wife, and fragments of other guys

Rolf, Austin, his wife, and fragments of other guys

Rene, Alex’s hand, Shawn, and Jackson

Rene, Alex’s hand, Shawn, and Jackson

Here’s the entrire feed (including shots from the conference itself so you know it was not all just dinner.)

Anyway, this was a great show for PowerShell and a really nice dinner (PowerShell bus was incredibly cool!)

Was good to finally meet a lot of the guys face to face!

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AD provider vs. AD cmdlets

Richard has interesting considerations in his blog about AD provider potentially being too dangerous as its use might be error-prone, so someone could type del * without understanding the current context and thus the consequences.

When we started working on our AD cmdlets we surely had a lot of discussions of the approach to take: cmdlets or provider. Frankly, we didn’t think of this danger of inadvertent AD changes that Richard mentions. We picked cmdlets as a way to give administrators more intuitive and functional commands to accomplish their tasks.

You see if you want add an account to a group it is probably more natural for you to type something like: add-groupmember than to use file-system metaphor for this not file-system-related task. Cmdlets also make the functionality more discoverable with tab-completion letting you easily see what parameters are available for that particular command on that particular object.

Does this mean that cmdlets are always a better choice though?

I am not sure really. I still think that being able to use the provider to browse AD, cd into OUs, dir their contents, etc. – is very impressive and in fact highly intuitive.

I guess bottom-line is that it is great that both projects exist and both are available as free downloads.

In his DEC session by the way Richard demoed how you can use those together piping out provider output into AD cmdlets. That was pretty cool. Richard promised to publish his demo transcript in his blog later on – if you could not attend his DEC session make sure you grab the transcript once it gets published.

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PowerShell access to AD computed attributes

Richard Siddaway published a few examples of using AD cmdlets to access computed attributes in Active Directory.

In his examples Richard uses msDS-User-Account-Control-Computed to detect which accounts are locked out, have never been used, or are expired. This is pretty big as none of that is possible using just userAccountControl.

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PowerShell at DEC next week

Let me know if you are at the Directory Experts Conference in Vegas next week – it will be a good place to get together and sync-up!

It looks like PowerShell is going to be pretty big on this DEC. On Tuesday Dung Hoang-Khac from HP will give a PowerShell introduction session which will then be followed by an AD-specific session by Richard Siddaway from UK PowerShell User Group (aka get-psukug). Danny Kim from Full Armor will also have PowerShell section in his presentation related to the GPO and workflow stuff they are doing. Pretty good representation of the technology for a directory conference!

More importantly on Tuesday night everyone mentioned above as well as a few more guys from the UK user group, Quest’s AD cmdlets team, and folks from PowerGadgets are planning to get together for a PowerShell dinner.

If you are at the conference and you are a part of the PowerShell community maybe you should join the group. Send me an email or leave a comment with a way to get in touch with you (or find me at DEC) so I make sure we have a place reserved for you.

See you at DEC!


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Richard’s PowerGUI Write-Up

Richard has a nice summary of what PowerGUI is and how the demo at the UK user group went.

Richard says: “I have tested PowerGUI against Windows, Active Directory, Exchange 2007 and SQL Server 2005. I would highly recommend it as an addition to your administration tool set. It definitely saves hunting for the script you know you have somewhere.

Nice. We are very lucky having Richard and other PowerShell User Group members on the community!

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