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New in PowerGUI 2.0: Snapshots

Our free PowerShell tool just got its version 2.0 release and besides multiple bugfixes and improvements a great new feature: Configuration Snapshots.

The way snapshots work is really similar to what you find in virtualization tools. At any time you can create a Snapshot and this will effectively make PowerGUI Admin Console save a copy of the current state of all your nodes, actions, PowerPacks and so on so if you mess up with your experiments you have a checkpoint to which you can revert:

Besides that we automatically create a new snapshot each time you install or upgrade a PowerPack so you have an ability to roll these changes back.

But wait, there is more!

You can select any two snapshots and view a detailed report on what exactly changed between them:

Or even open a previous snapshot in PowerGUI Admin Console side-by-side with the current state:

We hope this makes your experience on working with PowerGUI Admin Console and authoring (and using) PowerPacks much more enjoyable!

You can read about some of bugfixes based on community feedback in our release notes.

Download PowerGUI 2.0 and let us know what you think!

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