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Have PowerShell read you eventlogs

Nice application of the PowerGUI voice capabilities about which I blogged recently is having it read error messages from eventlogs.

You pick an eventlog in PowerGUI, filter events by EntryType and TimeGenerated:

PowerGUI reading eventlogs

…and then click read and have PowerGUI read you all the error events (mp3 so you hear how it sounded) in the specified timeframe.

If you want Windows to read recent error events first thing in the morning, you just go to the PowerShell Code tab in PowerGUI, and copy/paste the code – then use that to create your startup script. Not sure whether this is more fun than Windows startup sound but might be more useful.

Could be even more fun if this would get automatically turned into a podcast and uploaded to your iPod…

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PowerGUI gets Voice

PowerGUI now has voice output and can read you selected items! All you need to do is add the new pack which I have just uploaded to the library: Voice Output.

Here’s a sample of PowerGUI reading my Outlook process properties.

Processes window in PowerGUI

Kudos to Joel for giving me the idea by writing his PowerShell Speaks post.

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