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PowerShell named the Best on Platforma 2008

Platforma 2008 (aka TechEd Russia) team has just published the results of attendee surveys and the PowerShell session I did at the event got named the best of the show!

This is very exciting and a great honor for me. Microsoft Russia has done an incredible job putting together a great conference, so being named the best at an event like still feels a bit surreal. 😉

Here’s the Russian Platforma 2008 results announcement, and an automated English translation.

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TechEd PowerShell session in top 5, twice

I’ve just got the scores from the TechEd evaluation forms and it looks like within the Windows Server Infrastructure track the PowerShell session Don and I were giving took the 3rd and the 5th place in top 5 sessions (actually the repeat session scored higher – practice makes perfect). Here are the evals:

Name Attendance Speaker Eval
“The Network is Slow”: Identifying the Cause of
Slow Network Communications (Session Repeats on 6/7)
979 Laura Chappell 8.66
Command Microsoft Windows from C: Level… and Get Ready
for Server Core! (Session Repeats on 6/7)
536 Mark Minasi 8.63
Microsoft Windows PowerShell: The Future of Server
Administration (Repeated from 6/5)
383 Dmitry Sotnikov; Don Jones 8.6
“The Network is Slow”: Identifying the Cause of
Slow Network Communications (Repeated from 6/6)
733 Laura Chappell 8.58
Microsoft Windows PowerShell: The Future of Server
Administration (Session Repeats on 6/6)
762 Dmitry Sotnikov; Don Jones 8.54

By the way together with the repeat the session was attended by more than a thousand attendees.

If you were not at TechEd or were there but missed the session, you can still check out the webcast recording.

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TechEd PowerShell slides and recording

Here are the slides and recording of the PowerShell session Don (mostly) and I (somewhat) gave at the TechEd last week:

TechEd 2007 SVR331 Slides and Recording

SVR331 – Tuesday 5JUN07

Microsoft Windows PowerShell: The Future of Server Administration
Track(s): Windows Server Infrastructure
Level: 300
Speaker(s): Don Jones and Dmitry Sotnikov

Windows PowerShell is Microsoft’s next generation command line scripting solution which combines the interactivity of KSH or BASH, the programmability of Perl or Ruby and the production-orientation of AS400 CL or VMS DCL. Come and learn about the basic capabilities of Windows PowerShell as an interactive shell environment and a rich scripting engine and how it can be used to highlight and exploit the manageability improvements in Windows Server codename “Longhorn.”

Don does a great job providing a comprehensive introduction to Windows PowerShell. Approximately from minute 55 goes my demo of AD cmdlets and PowerGUI.


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TechEd: PowerShell Chalk-Talk

Today (Friday, June 8, 2007) is the last day of TechEd 2007. However, there are still good sessions to attend and one of them is PowerShell Chalk-Talk:

SVR12-TLC – Advanced Windows PowerShell Scripting

6/8/2007 1:00PM-2:15PM
Yellow Theater 1

This session provides a deep drill into advanced Windows PowerShell scripting techniques. Windows PowerShell provides an incredibly large dynamic range of capabilities, from simple to very sophisticated. This session is for those who have mastered the simple range and want to explore the high-end techniques and mechanisms.

Unfortunately, because the session was originally going to be on Thursday I already had my tickets bought for Friday afternoon and won’t be able to present at the session.

However, you’ll still get a hold of Don Jones (who is a much better presenter anyway) and Robert Bobel (who is Quest’s product manager for AD cmdlets and ActiveRoles Server).

And this session is going to be totally interactive and completely Q&A-based.

Both of our PowerShell sessions earlier this week Don and I could hardly leave the room after the sessions because of multiple questions everyone had on PowerShell. This chalk-talk is a great opportunity to have all the questions answered.

A must-attend if you are at the conference!

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PowerShell got the Best of TechEd award

Yesterday night Windows PowerShell got the Best of TechEd award! Congratulations to Jeffrey Snover, the PowerShell team, and all the enthusiastic PowerShell community around the world.

Needless to say that we had a great PowerShell dinner right after the award ceremony with Jeffrey, ISVs (SAPIEN, PowerGadgets, Quest) and PowerShell community members celebrating the victory!

The funny thing is that PowerShell was selected the best in the “Windows Client” category. I guess now it is officially “The best client technology since the introduction of Minesweeper”. 😉

UPDATE: Forgot to mention that Quest’s SharePoint administration tools got an award as well. Congratulations to the team!

Does anyone know where to find the full list of winners?

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PowerShell webcast from TechEd

The Tuesday PowerShell session is going to be webcasted (live!) for everyone out there who wanted to be on the TechEd but could not make it. Don Jones will give most of the session and I will try to get in for the last few minutes to give a quick introduction to the AD cmdlets and – if time permits – PowerGUI.

Register here:

TechNet Webcast: Microsoft Windows PowerShell: The Future of Server Administration (Level 300) 

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

10:00 A.M.–11:15 A.M. Pacific Time (1 pm EST, 6 pm GMT, 7 pm CET)


PowerShell Dinner @ TechEd

Following the DEC tradition we are planning to have a PowerShell community dinner at TechEd next week. A small and cozy get-together with Microsoft folks, ISVs, and PowerShell community members attending the show. Everyone seemed to love the ones we had at DEC and MMS so the TechEd PowerShell dinner should be as good as the ones before.

We are thinking of having it Wednesday night (but could move to Tuesday is this works better).

If you are attending the show and can make it to the PowerShell dinner please get in touch with me by leaving a comment, sending an email to Dmitry.Sotnikov(at), calling on my cell phone or using any other mean of communication you can think of.

See you at the show! Make sure you attend the sessions, make it to the dinner, or just find me by the Quest booth and say hi.

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