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PowerShell-Based console for SMS 2003

Are you running Microsoft Systems Management Server 2003 and want to have it fully scriptable in PowerShell?

Check out this wonderful SMS/ConfigMgr PowerPack David Moravec put together.

It lets you browse all your SMS configuration and among other things:

  • List members of collection
  • See package properties
  • See programs inside the package
  • See distribution points where the package is replicated
  • Refresh package on distribution points
  • See advertisements assigned to colection
  • See your site structure in dynamic nodes (as tree)
  • Reports listed by specific categories
  • Go to some predefined web pages (e.g.
  • See overall health of your site

And as always with PowerPacks – this one shows all the PowerShell code behind it, lets you customize and tweak it, gives bulk operations, filtering, reporting aand so on!

Download the pack from here and let David know what you think!

Are you also into PowerShell and have a great idea of a tool to make someone’s life easier? Go for it – create your PowerPack and submit it to the contest!

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