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PowerGUI 2.4 gets a great review by Windows IT Pro magazine

Review of PowerGUI - PowerShell script editor, debugger, custom development environmentIt’s not often that you get an independent product review with summary like this one:

PowerGUI Pro 2.4
PROS: Cost-effective; easy to install and use; removes barriers to implementing in-house PowerShell solutions
CONS: None to speak of
PRICE: $199 per installation
RECOMMENDATION: Get it, and use it. I’ve become addicted to PowerGUI Pro, especially the PowerGUI Script Editor

Yet, this is exactly what Windows IT Pro magazine has just published. And they were reviewing version 2.4 – without all the 3.0 functionality taking PowerGUI to the new level. Saying that I am excited would probably be an understatement.

And this is even better, Ryan Femling from Windows IT Pro was actually actively using the tool – rather than relying on some sort of vendor marketecture (I did not even know this review was in the works) and his review is solely based on his scenarios and applications he found to be important for his work.

Read full review here and I bet there is a good chance that you might learn a couple new things even if you are already an active PowerShell or PowerGUI user!

Best PowerShell Editor & Debugger

PowerGUI seems to be it if I read Don’s recent roundup right. 🙂 Let me explain why I think so.

With any product comparisons, teams of the products being compared have bias and feeling that they are not being treated justly, that the criteria are not fair, that some of the features they are really proud of were not considered and so on. This is just the reality. We are passionate about what we are doing and everyone thinks that their However, independent comparisons are very important because they provide some common ground on which you can compare the solutions.

Don Jones reviewed 3 PowerShell script editors and debuggers: PrimalScript, PowerShell Plus, and PowerGUI Script Editor, and found PowerGUI Script Editor and PrimalScript to be the best.

Obviously, considering that this does not take into account PowerGUI Admin Console and MobileShell (in-browser mobile PowerShell command-line to your environment), and that most of PowerGUI Script Editor functionality (excet for source control) is available for free (where as being a for-money thing with competition) – sharing number one spot is a great honor and achievement!

However, if you start looking at details on how the scores were granted you would see that a lot of the features for which we did not get scores are actually present for PowerGUI Script Editor in forms of free add-ons easily available from (Add-ons among other things were out of scope of the review.)

So if you take the review and add the points for these features available as add-ons – PowerGUI ratings will absolutely sky rocket:

A few quotes which I could not help having here:

I was really taken with the maturity and sophistication of PowerGUI… PowerGUI’s snippets feature, in particular, is just seamless and awesome…

PowerGUI, frankly, is pretty complete – and almost everything I wrote about in my review of it comes in the free version. Given the availability of Quest- and community-developed add-ons, I suspect there’s very little you won’t be able to do in PowerGUI. And it’s free. It’s also being very actively developed, and I’ve seen bugs squashed pretty quickly… Frankly, that add-on architecture – and the price tag – has really put PowerGUI on my radar. Unless you need to work on VBScript or other languages, which would definitely push you to PrimalScript, I’m having a tough time seeing why you wouldn’t at least give PowerGUI a shot. In fact, I believe the other commercial editors need to not compete with the Microsoft ISE as much as they need to compete with PowerGUI, especially given the fact that you get such a rich editor for free. Again, I have to admit that PowerGUI hasn’t been on my radar much, but it’s going to be a lot more, now.

I am obviously taking just the quotes I like. 🙂 For full reviews, go to Don’s posts here.

For the record, we love what other companies are doing in the space. Competition is good for all of us and for the common mission we all have on making PowerShell the automation platform in the enterprise. But we love being the best too. 😉

PowerGUI review in Redmond Magazine

Jeffery HicksJeffery Hicks’ “PowerShell Without the Shell” is a good overview of PowerGUI Admin Console in the latest edition of his Mr. Roboto column of

If you want to bring PowerShell into your organization but are facing command-line concerns, try PowerGUI and let the fun begin.

Check out the full review here.

WindowsITPro PowerGUI Review

Michael Otey from Windows IT Pro magazine has put together his top 10 list of the features he loves the most in the PowerGUI Script Editor.

He used the editor and debugger a lot recenty in one of his PowerShell project so the countdown is an interesting perspective from real-life experience.

Michael also has a quick desciption for each feature for those not familiar with the tool. I won’t put a spoiler here by letting you know which features made it to the top of the list. 😉

See Michael’s article in January edition of the magazine, or read it online here.

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PowerGUI write-up at TechRepublic

Scott Lowe at TechRepublic has a quick write-up on PowerGUI and how it can be used to quickly develop PowerShell scripts.

He is basically concentrating on the script generation feature (PowerShell Code tab) of the PowerGUI admin console, and the built-in debugger in the PowerGUI Script Editor, as well as the vast platform supports from the PowerPack library.

Here’s his abstract:

PowerShell is an incredibly powerful scripting tool being included in just about all of Microsoft’s new products. With PowerShell, administrators can write scripts that just about completely manage all aspects of the software. PowerGUI, a free tool, is a great enhancement to PowerShell as it provides many of the benefits of a true development environment for those that want to quickly develop PowerShell scripts.

Check out the full review here.

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PowerGUI Reviews

There were a few recent reviews of PowerGUI which I found worthwhile:

  • PowerShell, PowerGUI, AD cmdlets and Ambidextrous Scripting – excellent write up by Guy Thomas. And no, I didn’t know the word ambidextrous either, so it is worth reading even just for the sake of improving your vocabulary. Guy is actually making very good points on the philosophy behind these tools and IT management in general.
  • One of the most hilarious reviews on PowerGUI and PowerShell was definitely the one by Andy Schneider. I’ll just put the two quotes that I cannot help putting – and so you know that PowerShell is not necessarily for family use:
    • Dude, this is fricking AWESOME
    • WOW, I have being playing with some of the AD and E2K7 stuff, this tool kicks so much butt !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Last but not least is Michael’s review of PowerGUI at 4sysops – one of the best IT sites out there. It is definitely an honor for us to get reviewed on the site. Thanks Michael!

Thanks guys! Your feedback is very important and helps us make the products better and find a reason to go to the office in the morning. 😉

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