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SharePoint 2010 PowerShell Cheat Sheet Updated

SharePoint 2010 PowerShell Quick Start GuideI’ve just posted version 2.0 of our quick reference for PowerShell in SharePoint 2010.

The changes include a much improved layout (kudos to Ekaterina Burmistrova and Andrey Tsarkov!), one fixed code sample, and a whole new section on SharePoint backup (contributed by Ravi.

Download the updated guide here and add your suggestions as comments on the cheat sheet page.


SharePoint 2010 PowerShell Cheat Sheet

I’ve just posted a quick reference card / getting started manual on PowerShell for SharePoint 2010.

If you are managing SharePoint 2010 and want to quickly get started with PowerShell – this should be a good document to print out and pin to the wall of your office / cubicle.

It covers all the major topic from installation and required permissions, to setting up remote connections to the SharePoint servers, managing site collections, sites, lists, documents, jobs, workflows, Recycle Bin, and so on. We have even included troubleshooting tips for the main gotchas you can experience!

Huge thanks to Konstantin Vlasenko, Mike Plavsky, and Ravikanth Chaganti for contributing to the manual.

Download the SharePoint 2010 PowerShell Cheat Sheet and post your feedback so we can make it even better!

AD cmdlets reference updated

I have just updated QAD cmdlets online reference with the help data from version 1.2.

The following new articles got added:

The following parameters got added to existing articles:

• Tombstone
• LastKnownParent
• Get-QADComputer
• Get-QADGroup
• Get-QADObject
• Get-QADPasswordSettingsObject
• Get-QADUser
• CreatedOn
• CreatedAfter
• CreatedBefore
• LastChangedOn
• LastChangedAfter
• LastChangedBefore
• Get-QADComputer
• Get-QADGroup
• Get-QADObject
• Get-QADPasswordSettingsObject
• Get-QADUser
• Get-QARSAccessTemplate
• Get-QARSAccessTemplateLink
• Type
• ObjectAttributes
• Name
• DisplayName
• Description
• Anr
• Get-QADGroupMember
• MemberOf
• IndirectMemberOf
• NotMemberOf
• NotIndirectMemberOf
• Get-QADComputer
• Get-QADGroup
• Get-QADObject
• Get-QADUser
• ContainsMember
• ContainsIndirectMember
• NotContainsMember
• NotContainsIndirectMember
• Get-QADGroup

P.S. For those interested: I have used my old out-wiki script and created another one – post-wiki – which actually posts the files to the wiki site. This was incredibly cool to watch but I probably won’t publish it so I don’t help someone do something stupid against our wiki or any other MediaWiki site such as Wikipedia.

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How do you publish your cmdlets help online without duplicating the effort? I created this relatively straight-forward Out-Wiki function which I used to generate all the pages in the QAD cmdlets online reference. Today I finally found time to upload the script to the PowerShell code repository so it is now available for anyone to use.

Just change the name of the PowerShell snapin in the invocation line:

Out-Wiki (Get-Command -PSSnapin Quest.ActiveRoles.ADManagement) c:\Temp\QADHelp

And in a minute you have all the wiki pages in MediaWiki (the wikipedia engine) wikitext format generated for you!

The script was inspired by Antonio’s New-HtmlHelp.

You can search for out-wiki in your PowerGUI Script Editor or grab it online here.

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Quick Reference to AD cmdlets 1.0.4

One downside of blogging is that you end up having information scattered through the blog rather than available in a nice well designed document. So I decided to put together a quick summary of the AD cmdlets currently available in v1.0.4.

As a reminder you can download the PowerShell AD cmdlets and full documentation completely free from this site.

So here’s the alphabetical list of the ones we currently have:

Hope this is a helpful summary. Full AD PowerShell documentation can be found here. Also, if you have any questions AD PowerShell discussion forums are the way to go.


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