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MobileShell and PowerGUI Pro podcast published

PowerScripting podcast episode in which Hal and Jonathan met with Darin Pendegraft, Kirk Munro and myself and discussed the latest news from the PowerGUI team just got posted here.

There were a lot of great questions ranging from the way our team works, origins of the project, differences between free and commercial versions of PowerGUI, extensibility APIs, and even future roadmap.

Check out the podcast recording here.


PowerGUI MobileShell Team on PowerScripting Podcast

Tonight at 9:30 pm EST Darin Pendergraft, Kirk Munro and myself will be there on Hal’s and Jonathan’s PowerScripting Podcast.

If you are not asleep at that time, please join the live video stream and ask any questions, share thoughts and so on. Also, this is the 100th episode of the show – so plenty of cool stuff to be shared!

See you in a few hours!

Kirk on PowerScripting Podcast

Kirk @poshoholic Munro was recently at the PowerScripting podcast and this turned out to be a pretty good discussion on PowerShell, PowerGUI, and PowerPacks (PowerGUI extension add-ons). If you missed the live interview – check out the podcast recording here.

Kirk and Hal in Hanselminutes

Kirk “Poshoholic” Munro and Hal “TechProsaic” Rottenberg got guest-starred in Hanselminutes – one of the most influential technical podcasts out there:

Scott’s at TechEd and bumps into Hal Rottenberg and Kirk Munro. Hal’s a Powershell IT guy and Kirk’s a Powershell-focused Dev. What’s new in Powershell 2.0 and what’s in it for the .NET developer or Windows power user?

Check out the podcast here.

Interview with AD cmdlets product manager

Guys from PowerScripting Podcast have just published the episode they did with Bob Bobel – Quest’s Product Manager for AD cmdlets, ActiveRoles Server and a few other products.

Bob managed to see the potential behind the idea of PowerShell-enabling his commercial products and releasing free AD cmdlets to the community back in 2006 (which seems a loooong time ago!) – so in a sense myself and others were having a lot of fun at his expense. 😉

  • Does PowerShell make any money for Quest?
  • Will AD cmdlets go on once Microsoft ships their cmdlets in Windows Server 2008 R2?
  • How many developers are working on AD cmdlets?

Learn that and much more from this podcast.

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PowerScripting podcast on VESI

Jonathan and Hal have just posted the recording of the podcast they had with Scott Herold – virtualization guru who helped us a lot with VMware PowerPack who is currently working on Virtualization EcoShell Initiative (VESI).

  • What is the difference between PowerGUI and VESI?
  • Does VESI support PowerGUI enterprise features such as interface lockdown and central distribution?
  • Will VESI support Hyper-V and Xen?

Learn this and much more here.

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My latest podcast interview

Jonathan Medd has just posted a new episode of his Get-Scripting podcast.

This one includes an interview with myself which he took a few weeks ago at TechEd EMEA in Barcelona. We basically squatted one of the rooms between sessions and recorded the podcast until the next presenter came in and we had to leave. 😉

I think this is more or less the first time I talked publicly that much about the origins of PowerGUI and AD cmdlets, and our overall vision of the future roadmap for both projects. Check it out here.

By the way, now Jonathan is getting really serious about the podcast:

  1. This is his 5th episode – so we know he is not giving up. 😉
  2. And he now has a co-host! Alan Renouf – another PowerShell blogger from UK is now on the Get-Scripting Podcast crew.

Congratulations to both hosts! This podcast definitely keeps getting better and better.

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New PowerShell Podcast

In case you were wondering what to listen between the episodes of the great and highly recommended PowerScripting podcast, there’s another PowerShell podcast which started this week – the Get-Scripting podcast by Jonathan Medd (the guy who gave us Exchange 2003 management with PowerShell!)

The first episode is a great interview with James O’Neill around managing Hyper-V with Windows PowerShell.

Soon we will be listening to PowerShell as much as we are scripting with it! 😉

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New episode of PowerScripting podcast

Episode 9 of PowerScripting podcast is out. It’s been a while since I mentioned it on the blog – but it is really a great way to get synced on the latest developments in the PowerShell community.

See the PowerScripting web site for information on what’s in the podcast. It does include a few topics related to this blog: namely, the PowerShell namespaces debate and Jonathan’s story on using AD cmdlets to copy user accounts to another domain (could be useful when creating test environments).

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New episode of PowerScripting podcast

Jonathan has just published episode 5 of his PowerScripting podcast. Among other things he is sharing his experience using AD cmdlets and creating new user accounts with a single PowerShell command.

As Jonathan states it in his blog motto: get the podcast and pipe it into your ears. 😉

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