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Just Script It!

Here’s Sean’s newest crazy PowerShell video in which he managed to feature your’s truly doing moonwalk (or trying to ;))

As you can see from the video – Microsoft MVP Summits are a lot of fun with amazingly smart and crazy people around.

No more one off IT management. Just Script It!

MVP Award 2011

Look what I’ve got in my email. 🙂 My Microsoft MVP (most valuable professional) award for another year.

This is probably the 4th year I am getting the award, and is a great honor to me, and also really an opportunity to once again say that all my work for the PowerShell community is in fact a team work and not something I just do myself. So to everyone on the  team of PowerGUI, AD cmdlets, forums, and PowerShell Deep Dive – huge thanks!

This award is really a testament of the great work we all do together to make PowerShell such a great technology and community.

Also, congrats to all other MVPs who got re-awarded this weekend, as well as the new PowerShell MVPs: Bartek Bielawski and Alexander Chebotov (aka Kazun)!

UPDATE: Denniver Reining PowerGUI Script Editor Color Picker and Snippet Manager add-ons fame is also a newly awarded MVP!!! Congratulations Denniver!

Deep Dive video: Integrating Powershell with Legacy Environments – Sean Kearney

One of the most energetic session recording from the PowerShell Deep Dive – the one by the one and only Energized Tech – PowerShell MVP Sean Kearney.

Sean shows how PowerShell can be friends with pretty much anything you already have in your environment: console applications, CMD/batch files, VBScript, you name it!

This is a live recording from US TEC 2011 PowerShell Deep Dive conference. TEC Europe is just around the corner – October 17-19th, 2011 in Frankfurt.Register today to get a discount.

See also:

Video: Sean Kearney – The Most Energized PowerShell MVP

At the MVP Summit this year I could not help recording this quick chat with the one and only ye110wbeard, a.k.a The Energized Tech, a.k.a. PowerShell MVP from Canada – Sean Kearney:

We talk about PowerShell (surprise! :)) and what he likes the most about it:

  • Simplicity to get a lot of things in one command,
  • Ease of Active Directory management (Unlock-QADUser is his favorite cmdlet),
  • Ability to connect to web services from PowerShell scripts,
  • PowerShell on his BlackBerry smartphone (via PowerGUI MobileShell), and
  • Ways to get started with PowerShell.

For even more Sean’s videos visit his own video channel here.

Most other PowerShell MVPs make guest appearances in the background. As a bonus entertainment feature: see how many of them you can count! 😉

NFR License for PowerGUI Pro

If you are a Microsoft MVP, software vendor integrating with PowerGUI or a trainer using PowerGUI in your classes you can get a free Not For Resale (NFR) license for PowerGUI Pro (our commercial version which includes version control integration and MobileShell).

MVPs can request the license by filling out this form. ISVs and trainers can apply by emailing Darin at Darin-dot-Pendergraft-at-quest-dot-com

Hope this post made some of you real happy. Everyone else can still take consolation in the $99 introductory price at which you can get PowerGUI Pro for the next couple of months.

Congrats to PowerShell MVPs

October 1 was the date when again a bunch of PowerShell enthusiasts got their Microsoft MVP awards.

I’ve got mine (3rd year in a row) – which is very exciting and means that our efforts at and QAD cmdlets are appreciated.

It was also very exciting to see a new PowerShell MVP – Antoine Habert from France the author of the very cool open source PoshBoard project.

Also a bunch of other PowerShell MVPs whom we all know and love got re-awarded:

(Sorry if I missed anyone.)

Congratulations to each and every one of these absolutely great individuals every day helping PowerShell get bigger and making our IT jobs easier!

Oh, and here’s the email which we all so anxiously await every year 🙂


New PowerShell MVPs

Two prominent members of the PowerShell community got Microsoft’s Most Valuable Professional (MVP) award yesterday:


Joel “Jaykul” Bennett – the creator of the PowerBoots UI library for PowerShell and – the online script repository behind PowerGUI’s Online Search.


Jonathan Noble – a very active member of UK PowerShell Usergroup and TechNet UK IT Professional Community Council, and also one of the co-creators of

MVP award is extremely valuable in the Microsoft world. It is only granted to the individuals who are actively helping the community and are pushing the boundaries of the technology.

And the award is granted for just one year – to keep you motivated if you want to be re-awarded. 😉 Speaking of which quite a few PowerShell folks got re-awarded yesterday as well (naming just those who I know got the award – there are a lot more):

You can find full list of PowerShell MVPs and more information on each of them (luckily I can say “us” ;)) here.

Congratulations to Joel and Jonathan, and everyone who got re-awarded!

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