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German Usergroup meeting this Thursday

Here’s video interview from TechEd Europe in which Rolf Masuch tells us about the upcoming November 18 meeting of PowerShell usergroup for Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, about PowerShell in the German-speaking world, Global IT Community Association, and how PowerShell is helping him in his personal and professional life. Check it out:

And – if you speak German – join the community!


PowerGUI in Arabic, Japanese, and Turkish

arabic-japanese-turkishOne of the key new features PowerGUI 1.6 release is three new languages added to our user interface (in alphabetic order):

  • Arabic – spoken natively by about 280 million people – localization made by Sherif Talaat who is also maintaining the one and only Arabic blog on PowerShell!
  • Japanese – spoken by over 130 million people – translated by Mitsuru Oka.
  • Turkish – spoken by over 63 million people worldwide – localized by Emin Imer.

This is a huge boost for us (almost half-billion new potential users ;)), bringing the total number of languages currently provided for PowerGUI to 17: Arabic, Chinese, Danish, English, Japanese, French, German, Greek, Italian, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish. Huge thanks to everyone doing this translation work! You guys rock!

If your Windows is using one of these languages for the user interface, PowerGUI should just pick it up. If not – use PowerGUI’s Tools/Options menu to select your language. And please go to this page if you want to contribute to these or any other localizations – let’s make PowerGUI and PowerShell accessible to everyone!

[Update] Note that Arabic localization is currently in experimental mode. We still have a bunch of dialog boxes which we need to change to right-to-left layout for full support. We know about the issue but wanted to share what we had so you can start using it and giving us your feedback.

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PowerGUI in Chinese, Greek, Polish

Three more localizations released for PowerGUI

Three more localizations released for PowerGUI

With 1.5.2 PowerGUI has become available in 3 more languages – all thanks to the hard work and participation of the great individuals from our community:

Chinese translation was accomplished by Huajun GU,

Greek – by Panos Stavroulis, and

Polish – by Marek Wiewiorka also starting a blog here.

This is great and makes PowerShell and PowerGUI (now translated to 14 different languages!) even more accessible worldwide!

If you want to contribute to any of the localization efforts – you can do this at our wiki site.

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PowerGUI in Swedish, Norwegian, Portuguese

Thanks to the community efforts, PowerGUI now also available in Portugues, Swedish, and Norwegian

Thanks to the community efforts, PowerGUI now also available in Portuguese, Swedish, and Norwegian

Don’s post at MyITForum reminded me about another great step forward in PowerGUI 1.5.1 – 3 new languages:

  • Norwegian – translation made by Jan Egil Ring,
  • Portuguese – localized by Gustavo Cavalcanti with a help of Matias Almeida,
  • Swedish – accomplished by Henrik Börjesson.

These guys have done an incredible job and made PowerShell even more accessible around the Globe!

This brings the total number of the languages in which PowerGUI is available to 11 – with some 190 to go if we want to catch up with Windows Vista (see how you can participate by the way ;))

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PowerGUI en Français

PowerGUI is now available in French!

Mathieu Chateau (here are his English and French blogs) has translated PowerGUI user interface to the language of Joan of Arc, Molière, Voltaire, Henri Matisse, and Nicolas Sarkozy.

The localization module is freely available so if you have PowerGUI 1.5 installed, you can now easily make this PowerShell administrative console and scripting IDE speak French!

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Changing PowerGUI UI Language

As I mentioned yesterday, thanks to the community efforts PowerGUI is now available in 7 different languages and the list keeps growing.

If your language is among the ones available for download:

  1. Simply download and install PowerGUI,
  2. Download the localization pack,
  3. Extract the locale folder to the PowerGUI installation folder:

PowerGUI installation folder with localization packs

If your Windows language is that same language you have installed, just restarting PowerGUI will do the trick – it will change the UI language automatically.

If your Windows language is different (e.g. Windows UI is English, but you want Danish PowerGUI), you will need a couple of extra steps:

  1. Go to the PowerGUI profile folder:
    C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Quest Software\PowerGUIon Windows Vista and 2008.
    C:\Documents and Settings\username\Local Settings\Application Data\Quest Software\PowerGUIon Windows XP and 2003.
  2. Open the quest.powergui.xml file in Notepad, and change en-US to the name of your locale (which is the same as the localization folder name):

Manually setting PowerGUI language

That’s it! Now you will have PowerGUI speak your mother tongue!

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PowerGUI in Danish

Thanks to Kevin Steffer, PowerGUI is now also available in Danish!

PowerGUI admin console and PowerShell scripting IDE in Danish

As far as I remember despite fantastic command of English, prince Hamlet was not really using PowerShell a lot. I hope that now that we have PowerGUI in Danish this last obstacle which some of his fellow citizens had is gone!

PowerGUI is now available in 7 languages – all of which can be found on the downloads page.

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PowerGUI in Italiano

Italy has one of the most dynamic IT sectors in Europe, and by itself is probably the best place on Earth with wonderful nature, friendly people, great food and wine, and the highest density of art and history in the World. The only thing missing was a localized version of PowerGUI. Not any more.

Stefano Del Furia has translated the UI, and Efran Cobisi set up a nice PowerGUI page on the Italian PowerShell portal.

PowerGUI - Italian IDE and administrative console for PowerShell

So if you are in Italy – or are using Italian Windows UI to learn the language – you can now have a PowerShell admin console and IDE in Italian.

The thing I love about the growing PowerShell community in Italy the most – is that thanks to Stefano and Efran I will now have a business reason to justify my trips to the country! Good deal! 😉

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PowerGUI in Korean

PowerGUI goes into Asia-Pacific. Thanks to the contribution by Wooseok Seo, we have just got Korean added to the line up of localized user interfaces available for PowerGUI.

Korean PowerShell editor and admin console screenshot

Wooseok Seo – is a C# MVP (actually has been a C# MVP 6 years in a row since 2002) and is also a running a popular Korean Debuglab community.

Thanks to Wooseok we now have a completely free Korean administrative console and script debugger for PowerShell.

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