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Register for PowerShell Deep Dive

PowerShell Deep Dive 2011 Conference LogoIn case you have not seen the announcement yet, PowerShell team and community is putting together the first ever PowerShell conference, April 17-19 in Las Vegas!

This is going to be the first and most concentrated PowerShell conference ever with a dozen sessions on various PowerShell topics likes remoting, proxy functions and so on, plus a bunch of sessions on managing various platforms with PowerShell: Exchange, SharePoint, Office 365, Forefront Identity Manager, Hyper-V and so on.

These sessions will take place on Monday and Tuesday (April 18 and 19). For those who can come a day early, on Sunday (April 17) morning there will be a pre-conference hands on PowerShell bootcamp – 4 hours of intense PowerShell lab training to get you up to speed before the advanced topics kick in on Monday.

And there is going to be a scripting night party on Monday night.

And direct access to the key members of the PowerShell team including Jeffrey Snover, Lee Holmes, Bruce Payette, Kenneth Hansen.

Is that compelling or not? 🙂

If it is, I would recommend registering sooner rather then later. Attendance is going to be limited to 100 attendees only – so don’t wait too long before registering.

I have already registered, so has Kirk Munro – so there is going to be a good representation from PowerGUI and AD cmdlets side for sure. 😉

Read more about the conference:

Hope to see you there! Register today and spread the news!

TEC 2010 = The most deep-technical Exchange event of 2010

Exchange is one of the greatest and most advanced PowerShell-enabled platform Microsoft has. It seems that quite often you can look at what Exchange team is doing to figure out what others will do a few years later. And obviously a significant number of PowerShell fans and readers of this blog are Exchange administrators. So with all this in mind I could not help cross-posting here the note I got from David Sengupta about the Exchange track of the upcoming TEC 2010 event:

This year at TEC2010 we will have what I believe will be the most deep-technical Exchange line-up at any Exchange event globally this year.

We have many of our speakers lined up, and highlights include:

  • The first Exchange “15” session at a public conference anywhere on the planet: a requirements gathering NDA session with Microsoft’s Karl Bystrom
  • David Espinoza – who has run the core Exchange customer TAP program for Microsoft for years and is one of the most experienced Exchange folks around – will be leading another NDA session on Exchange 2010 SP1 (i.e., a preview of what’s coming in SP1, and what early experiences are deploying in TAP). This will be the first public event discussing Exchange 2010 SP1. David rarely speaks at public events, but is hooked on speaking at TEC.
  • Microsoft’s Konstantin Ryvkin will be back with a keynote on how Microsoft runs Exchange. Always one of the top-rated sessions.
  • Microsoft’s Brett Shirley will be back for what will likely be the most technical Exchange session – a 400+ level deep dive into ESE internals again this year. You won’t find anything this technical at any other event, guaranteed, and you won’t find Brett speaking at any other events – he is another TEC die-hard. If you dream about B-tree splits, this is for you. Let’s hope he doesn’t wear the same t-shirt this year … but even if he does, we’re fortunate to have him.
  • Microsoft’s Ross Smith IV and Scott Schnoll will be anchoring the core Exchange track sessions. Both are extremely experienced high-rating speakers who are on the regular circuit of all major Exchange events.
  • Other top speakers include Juergen Hasslauer, Ilse Van Criekinge, and Michael B Smith.
  • We are also excited to have convinced HP’s Lee Mackey to speak on OCS – Lee is the most deep-technical OCS we know, and very experienced with all angles including a myriad of device and PBX integration scenarios. Lee rarely speaks at public events (though he’s usually a critical heckler at the back of the room for many OCS events) so we are excited to have him at TEC.
  • We’ve also landed Anthony Vitnell to talk about Dimension Data’s deployment of OCS+Cisco Call Manager – we have been hearing that a large percentage of our customer base is deploying hybrid Microsoft/Cisco UC environments, so we though this would be a great session to add this year

Additional session are still in the works, including (of course) migration, archiving, and a few hands-on workshops. Stay tuned. Abstracts will be updated here as more sessions and speakers are confirmed:

If you are as excited as I am, see you in Los Angeles, April 25-28.

The Experts Conference 2010

TEC is one of the most advanced (400 level sessions are norm!) conferences you can find out there. This is probably the only event with so much technical information, amazing speakers (Microsoft product teams and real-world practitioners), and great audience (MVPs, chief IT architects, and so on.)

The topics range from Active Directory and Forefront Identity Manager (FIM) to Exchange and SharePoint technologies (follow the links to read the abstracts of the sessions which have been announced).

There will obviously be a fair bit of PowerShell on the way – e.g. Brandon Shell will be amazing everyone by totally scripting read-only domain controllers deployments.

TEC 2010 takes place April 25-28, 2010, at the brand new JW Marriott LA Live Hotel in the heart of Los Angeles. Learn more at, register today and ask for the early bird discount! 😉

TEC 2010 Call for Papers

Session submissions are open for The Experts Conference 2010 and if you have a few advanced (level 300-400) ideas related to directories, identity management, federation, unified communications, or SharePoint – this is your chance to get to the event.

TEC is a joined event that Microsoft and Quest are putting together. It has long been one of my favorite conferences: the level of technical expertese you find at TEC is astonishing. This is the event where you can meet the actual Microsoft product groups and they will discuss their latest and greatest technology in the works as well as collect your feedback on their thoughts for vNext (TEC 2009 in March for example had a few brainstorming sessions on AD post-2008 R2). Sessions from consultants like folks from Oxford Computing nicely add to this real-world experience on getting these cutting edge technologies to work.

All, in all – the best deep technical conference in this area and a great place to present your expertise if you have something to share. See recordings from previous TEC’s here.

Submissions accepted here. Deadline is August 25.

Oh, and obviously TEC 2009 Europe is also coming. Too late to submit a session to this one, but a good event to attend if you can: Berlin, September 14-16, 2009.

Video: Automating GPO with PowerShell

Darren‘s “Automating Group Policy Management” session from DEC 2008 got posted on YouTube:

In the session Darren shows both VBScript and PowerShell ways of managing Group Policy – and he is using currently available APIs (including the free GPO cmdlets that his SDM Software produced) – so you don’t have to wait for Windows Server 2008 R2 to start using Darren’s scripts. Check it out!

P.S. Quite a few sessions from DEC 2008 got posted recently – check them all out here.

As I mentioned, TEC 2009 (they renamed it to TEC – The Experts Conference because of the Exchange track added) is going to have a lot more PowerShell and huge amount of new information on the latest directory, identity management, messaging, and cloud-related technologies from Microsoft. I myself has already registered for the event so hopefully will see you there. 😉

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Evan Dodds to present at TEC 2009

Evan Dodds, Senior Program Manager, Microsoft Just saw that Evan Dodds is on the Exchange track agenda with his Microsoft Windows PowerShell Scripting for Microsoft Exchange Server session.

Evan’s session are must-attend if you are managing Exchange and are interested in PowerShell. He is extremely knowledgeable (no surprise here – he is one of the key guys designing Exchange PowerShell implementation ;)) and just a great speaker.

This is in addition to a few other PowerShell sessions at TEC which I reported earlier.

Registration and more details can obviously be found at the conference web site.

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PowerShell at DEC 2009

Looks like agenda for DEC 2009 (March 22-25) is almost settled by now – and it does have a few PowerShell sessions in there: Darren Mar-Elia (who gave the PowerShell world GPO management!) and Brian Desmond (another well-known AD MVP) are both going to present various tips and tricks on AD management with PowerShell.

I love DEC (DEC 2007 was one of the first conferences where AD cmdlets were first demoed by Richard in his PowerShell talk). If you are in AD/Identity Management world this is the conference to attend. The content is very deep and the peers you meet are very knowledgeable. Just check out the speaker line-up and the agenda so far.

This year they are also adding a whole new subconference on Exchange and messaging – hence the name change from DEC to TEC – which means more agenda conflicts if you are into both. 😉 Rob Allen is giving a PowerShell talk over there.

For those of us preferring Berlin to Vegas – there’s TEC Europe in September (obviously next September).

The early bird discounts seem to still apply. Register now and see you at the event!

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Austin’s DEC PowerShell Dinner Pictures

Austin has just started uploading some of the pictures he took at DEC last week to his Flickr stream. This is a useful source of visual information of who is who in the PowerShell world (unfortunately not comprehensive because not everyone made it to the conference).

Scotty, Deji, me, onion rings, and Richard

Scotty, Dung, me, onion rings, and Richard

Robert and Rene from PowerGadgets

Robert and Rene from PowerGadgets

Rolf, Austin, his wife, and fragments of other guys

Rolf, Austin, his wife, and fragments of other guys

Rene, Alex’s hand, Shawn, and Jackson

Rene, Alex’s hand, Shawn, and Jackson

Here’s the entrire feed (including shots from the conference itself so you know it was not all just dinner.)

Anyway, this was a great show for PowerShell and a really nice dinner (PowerShell bus was incredibly cool!)

Was good to finally meet a lot of the guys face to face!

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AD provider vs. AD cmdlets

Richard has interesting considerations in his blog about AD provider potentially being too dangerous as its use might be error-prone, so someone could type del * without understanding the current context and thus the consequences.

When we started working on our AD cmdlets we surely had a lot of discussions of the approach to take: cmdlets or provider. Frankly, we didn’t think of this danger of inadvertent AD changes that Richard mentions. We picked cmdlets as a way to give administrators more intuitive and functional commands to accomplish their tasks.

You see if you want add an account to a group it is probably more natural for you to type something like: add-groupmember than to use file-system metaphor for this not file-system-related task. Cmdlets also make the functionality more discoverable with tab-completion letting you easily see what parameters are available for that particular command on that particular object.

Does this mean that cmdlets are always a better choice though?

I am not sure really. I still think that being able to use the provider to browse AD, cd into OUs, dir their contents, etc. – is very impressive and in fact highly intuitive.

I guess bottom-line is that it is great that both projects exist and both are available as free downloads.

In his DEC session by the way Richard demoed how you can use those together piping out provider output into AD cmdlets. That was pretty cool. Richard promised to publish his demo transcript in his blog later on – if you could not attend his DEC session make sure you grab the transcript once it gets published.

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PowerShell at DEC next week

Let me know if you are at the Directory Experts Conference in Vegas next week – it will be a good place to get together and sync-up!

It looks like PowerShell is going to be pretty big on this DEC. On Tuesday Dung Hoang-Khac from HP will give a PowerShell introduction session which will then be followed by an AD-specific session by Richard Siddaway from UK PowerShell User Group (aka get-psukug). Danny Kim from Full Armor will also have PowerShell section in his presentation related to the GPO and workflow stuff they are doing. Pretty good representation of the technology for a directory conference!

More importantly on Tuesday night everyone mentioned above as well as a few more guys from the UK user group, Quest’s AD cmdlets team, and folks from PowerGadgets are planning to get together for a PowerShell dinner.

If you are at the conference and you are a part of the PowerShell community maybe you should join the group. Send me an email or leave a comment with a way to get in touch with you (or find me at DEC) so I make sure we have a place reserved for you.

See you at DEC!


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