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Video: Shay Levy and Kirk Munro – Leveraging Proxy Functions in PowerShell

See @shaylevy and @poshoholic (PowerShell MVPs Shay Levy and Kirk Munro respectively) talk about PowerShell proxy functions and their open-source module PowerShell Proxy Extensions / PSPX that simplifies creating ones.

Here’s the abstract and the video – enjoy!

Join Shay Levy and Kirk Munro in this session as they take a deep dive into proxy functions in PowerShell. Shay and Kirk have been working together on PowerShell Proxy Extensions, a powerful module that leverages proxy functions and makes it easier than ever to create these powerful extensions to PowerShell. They will demonstrate what proxy functions are and why they are important, and then show how a little scripting savvy (and a really long script) can make your life easier by allowing you to create everything from very simple proxy functions that extend PowerShell to more complex proxy functions that override existing commands, fixing bugs and adding missing features at the same time, all while leveraging inline help as much as possible.

Video recording from PowerShell Deep Dive in Frankfurt. (I apologize for the sound quality, especially when Kirk starts to talk. I think they were using Kirk’s laptop – rather than mine – when showing that and it turned out that it did not have a good microphone.)

This is a live recording from European TEC 2011 PowerShell Deep Dive conference. See more PowerShell Deep Dive recordings here.

By the way, TEC US is just around the corner – April 29 – May 2, 2012 in San DiegoThe agenda has already been published and is absolutely fantastic. :)

Register now – this is the best PowerShell event you can find!






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