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Dmitry on PowerShell v3 and the state of the platform

The guys from the PowerShell Magazine were at the Deep Dive and kept cornering everyone in the room asking questions about PowerShell v3, what was still missing in the platform, as well as its future and adoption.

Being a co-organizer I kept managing to escape the interviews pretending to be busy. 😉 However, at the very end of last night of the event Aleksandar Nikolic got me – so here I am on the video after quite a few busy days and sleepless nights still talking about PowerShell!

Keep an eye on the PowerShell Magazine – they’s got quite a few more interviews from the event!


PowerGUI 3.1 Released!

What a better way to get closer to the weekend than getting a new version of PowerGUI? 🙂 And here it is now available for download at

New in PowerGUI free – PowerGUI on a USB key!

Now you don’t have to install PowerGUI on a computer on which you want to use it. Instead, PowerGUI can create a USB drive with a portable version of the product!

To use the feature:

  1. Insert the flash drive with ~ 80 MB of free space into a USB port,
  2. In PowerGUI Script Editor, run the following command in the PowerShell Console panel:

& "$PGHome\InstallPortable.ps1"

Fixes and Improvements

A lot of them. To name just a few of my favorites:

  • You can now close the Welcome tab if you don’t need it,
  • Script Editor starts faster,
  • Large scripts are much faster to debug,
  • File / Search Online dialog box can now find a PowerShell script by the name of the script author!

New in PowerGUI Pro

And we have even more goodies for our Pro users! You guys have already had ability to compile PowerShell scripts to exe files, now with 3.1 you can also compile them into real Windows Services!

Download new PowerGUI at and let us know what you think!

PowerShell v3 at Deep Dive next week

Want to learn more about the next version of PowerShell? Come to Frankfurt October 17 & 18 for the first European PowerShell Deep Dive!

There will be a few sessions in the agenda specifically covering what’s new in PowerShell 3.0, including but not limited to these sessions:

  • This will be the main topic of the keynote which Kenneth Hansen (Principal Program Manager in charge of PowerShell) will deliver kicking off the conference.
  • I will be covering both PowerShell v2 and PowerShell v3 in my session on PowerShell Jobs.
  • Jason Shirk will inevitably get there with his talk on the Evolution of the PowerShell Language


And there will be PowerShell v3 tables at the Script Party – so you can kick the tires and ask the questions without having to install PowerShell v3 yourself.

It’s not too late to sign up for the October 17 & 18 Deep Dive:

  1. Go to the TEC registration page
  2. Create an account. You need to do this again for TEC Europe, even if you attended TEC USA earlier this year.
  3. Enter registration code: ATGNJR6E
  4. Select “PowerShell Deep Dive” for the “Which conference do you plan to attend” question.

MVP Award 2011

Look what I’ve got in my email. 🙂 My Microsoft MVP (most valuable professional) award for another year.

This is probably the 4th year I am getting the award, and is a great honor to me, and also really an opportunity to once again say that all my work for the PowerShell community is in fact a team work and not something I just do myself. So to everyone on the  team of PowerGUI, AD cmdlets, forums, and PowerShell Deep Dive – huge thanks!

This award is really a testament of the great work we all do together to make PowerShell such a great technology and community.

Also, congrats to all other MVPs who got re-awarded this weekend, as well as the new PowerShell MVPs: Bartek Bielawski and Alexander Chebotov (aka Kazun)!

UPDATE: Denniver Reining PowerGUI Script Editor Color Picker and Snippet Manager add-ons fame is also a newly awarded MVP!!! Congratulations Denniver!

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