PowerShell Deep Dive Recap

PowerShell Deep Dive 2011 Conference LogoHere’s all you need to know about the upcoming first ever official PowerShell conference collected by me from multiple websites and put here in one place. :)

When & Where

April 17-19 2011, Las Vegas


Hugely discounted $850 if you register by March 31, and full $1825 starting April 1. To get the discount  register here and use code ATGNJR6E.

[UPDATE] Note that this discounted price is good if you limit yourself to the PowerShell session. If you want full flexibility of all of TEC – you need to pay for the regular full conference pass. Also note that there is an extra fee involved if you sign-up for the pre-conference training.

What People are Saying about the Conference


Don Jones - Video interview on PowerShell Deep Dive Conference Dan Harman - Video interview on PowerShell Deep Dive Conference Hemant Mahawar - Video interview on PowerShell Deep Dive Conference
Jeffrey Snover Don Jones Dan Harman Hemant Mahawar



April 17: 4 hour pre-conference hands on workshop with Don Jones – everyone will get a computer lab and Don will make sure that you are up to speed with PowerShell, and ready for the Deep Dive on April 18 & 19.

April 18-19 two days of lots of PowerShell contest including a scripting party, and sessions. Sessions will consist of regular 75 minute “using PowerShell to manage X” kind of sessions, and deep PowerShell sessions related to the PowerShell language per se. The latter will be shorter and will include a lot of discussions with the actual PowerShell product team so you know why they implemented the system in a particular way, and they will collect from you the feedback they need to make things better!

Here’s the current quick list of just some of the session names – full descriptions can be found here.

  • Jeffrey Snover:  Proxy Function Party
  • Bruce Payette:  Why does it work that way? A look inside the PowerShell runtime
  • Kenneth Hansen & Don Jones:  The cliffs of PowerShell
  • Darren Mar-Ella:  Advanced Managing Group Policy with PowerShell
  • Brandon Shell:  An intro to PowerShell and Why You Need It
  • Jerry Camel:  Automating BPOS Exchange Administration with PowerShell and C#
  • Kirk Munro:  Defining domain-specific vocabularies using Windows PowerShell
  • James Booth:  Files, FIM, & PowerShell
  • Kirk Munro:  Managing Hyper-V with Windows PowerShell
  • Jeffrey Hicks:  Mastering Format and Type Extensions
  • Richard Siddaway:  WMI Gotchas and Hidden Gems
  • Craig Martin:  FIM PowerShell Deep Dive
  • Sean Kearney:  Leverage PowerShell with vbScript and vice versa
  • Jeffrey Hicks:  Mastering Format and Type Extensions
  • Kirk Munro:  Defining domain-specific vocabularies using Windows PowerShell
  • James O’Neil:  The PowerShell Library for Hyper-V: How it was Built, and How it is Used

Who is Coming

More or less all key people from Microsoft’s PowerShell team, PowerShell MVPs, most active PowerShell bloggers and forum stars. Here’s an incomplete list of those who I know are coming:

Let me know if you are coming and I will add you to the list!

What is TEC?

PowerShell Deep Dive will be co-hosted with a bigger and more established The Experts Conference. You can read about other tracks and sessions of The Experts Conference here.

Is there any other information that I missed? Please leave your comments and I will update the post.

Register here and use code ATGNJR6E to get the discount (remember: the discount expires in just a week – starting April 1, the price will go from $850 to $1825 so register today).

See you in Vegas!

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5 Responses to “PowerShell Deep Dive Recap”

  1. 1 @marcadamcarter March 23, 2011 at 4:39 pm

    Does the $850 price only include Deep Dive events?

    The price I quoted to my boss ($1,645.00 – Conference fee) I though also included other aspects of TEC2011.


    • 2 Dmitry Sotnikov March 23, 2011 at 4:53 pm


      This is correct: $850 is PowerShell Deep Dive only. If you want full conference then the price is higher.

      Also, note that there is a separate charge for Don’s pre-conference workshop.


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