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Got blade chassis with HP Virtual Connect?

Manage them with PowerShell and PowerGUI!

Just download Adam’s HP Virtual Connect Management powerpack here, and you will be able to:

  • Configure Networks, uplink sets and server profiles
  • Create, edit and delete users
  • Configure LDAP settings for authentication
  • View and edit SNMP settings
  • View and configure uplink ports and check statistics
  • Power on & off servers
  • View system log

And much more. All from a convenient rich client (or your PowerShell scripts)!

Another enterprise systems joins the PowerShell realms. Another case of the jug filling drop by drop. 😉

Download Adam’s HP Virtual Connect Management powerpack here and leave there comments so Adam knows what you think!


German Usergroup meeting this Thursday

Here’s video interview from TechEd Europe in which Rolf Masuch tells us about the upcoming November 18 meeting of PowerShell usergroup for Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, about PowerShell in the German-speaking world, Global IT Community Association, and how PowerShell is helping him in his personal and professional life. Check it out:

And – if you speak German – join the community!

Snippet manager in PowerGUI Script Editor

Browse, edit, and create new code-snippets in rich UI without leaving your scripting IDE – this is what you can now do with the add-on just posted by Denniver here:

Snippets are extremely useful whan you are scripting. Whenever you need to add a function, look-up a VBScript to PowerShell code conversion rules, or use new features of PowerShell 2.0 – you just press Ctrl-I and get what you need. Now you can easily modify the snippets which we have in PowerGUI Script Editor and add the ones of your own.

Download the add-on and let Denniver know what you think!

This add-on was posted to participate in the PowerGUI Challenge 2010. Have a cool add-on or PowerPack idea? There are 3 more days to enter the contest!

Video: How to create a PowerGUI Script Editor Add-On

Want to add a cool new feature to your PowerShell IDE? Or perhaps take part in the PowerGUI Scripting contest?

Here’s a quick yet comprehensive tutorial which Kirk has created to get you started:

Check it out and turn PowerGUI into the tool of your dream!

JAMS Job Scheduler PowerPack

Workload automation and job scheduling in the enterprise environments is not a trivial tasks. Luckily there are tools out there to help you, and even more luckily some of them have PowerShell interfaces, and – here comes the best part – one of them, JAMS Job Scheduler – now even has a PowerGUI PowerPack so you can perform advanced bulk management and customize the tool right in the PowerGUI Admin Console!

If you already own JAMS Job Scheduler, download the powerpack here and start taking full advantage of it.

If you want to learn more about JAMS, you can read all the information, watch the training videos and download the tool at

JAMS Job Scheduler powerpack is participating in the PowerGUI Challenge 2010. Got a great powerpack idea? Take part in the contest – there are 10 more days to submit your PowerPack or Editor Add-On and win some cool prizes!

Automate your PowerShell demos

Delivering a talk? James Brundage has just released an add-on giving you a rich demo environment right within PowerGUI Script Editor!

So next time you want to show PowerShell, all you need to do is:

1. Install James’ add-on onto your machine,

2. From Demo / Select Demo, chose the demo script you want to use,

3.  Click Start Demo.

4. Then optionally undock the demo control window and move it to presenter screen so your audience does not see it 😉 and click Next as you proceed:

The demo will go command by command, at any time you can intervene and just execute something in the PowerShell Console pane, show variables, and so on. And obviously when you are done – you can just switch to another script.

This is basically Jeffrey’s start-demo script + ability to see the demo library right in the PowerGUI Script Editor + the nice reach environment with intellisense and other goodies!

Next time you present PowerShell – use James’ demo tool. Download it right away and give it a try.

This add-on is participating in the PowerGUI Challenge 2010. Got a great add-on idea? Take part in the contest!

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