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Set your syntax colors

Tweak color and font for any PowerShell element in PowerGUI Script Editor with this Script Color add-on which Denniver Reining from has just posted:

Syntax highlightcolor picker for PowerShell in PowerGUI Script Editor

If you spend a lot of time scripting, you might have your own preferences  on the way your scripting environment displays keywords, cmdlet names, variable and so on. You used to be able to tweak these in PowerGUI Script Editor by manually locating and modifying one of our configuration files. Now there is an easy to use friendly graphical interface provided by Denniver’s add-on.

Download Script Color add-on and make PowerGUI Script Editor the PowerShell IDE of your dream!

Denniver’s add-on is participating in the PowerGUI Challenge 2010. Got a great add-on idea? Take part in the contest!



Extensible free SharePoint 2010 admin tool

This PowerPack by DJ Grijalva gives you UI for the functionality missing (or really hard to find) in native SharePoint Central Admin, including diagnostics and management for search, applications, accounts, sites and subscriptions.

You no longer have to go to command-line to perform these management tasks, but that is not it – because it is a PowerPack:

  • Bulk update: All actions support multiselect – so you can update multiple sites or other objects – you just select them all and click the action,
  • Learn to automate: You can see the PowerShell script behind everything the the tool does – just see properties for any UI element or go to View / PowerShell Script menu item,
  • Extend: Add your own nodes and actions using the PowerShell cmdlets shipped with SharePoint 2010.

Managing SharePoint 2010 – download DJ’s powerpack and let him know what you think!

DJ’s powerpack is participating in the PowerGUI Challenge 2010. Got a great powerpack idea? Take part in the contest!

Formatted PowerShell everywhere

Getting PowerShell scripts with syntax highlight and line numbers into your blog, Word document or Outlook email is now easier than ever before! Once you download Karl Mitschke‘s Copy to Colorized HTML add-on, extract it to the modules folder and select it in the PowerShell Libraries dialog box, you’ll get Edit / Copy As / Colorized HTML (Ctrl-H) command  added to PowerGUI Script Editor menu.

Select the script, click the command, then paste the code into your email, document or other rich text control editor such as Live Writer.

Note, that this add-on is different from the native Copy As / HTML functionality which puts into clipboard plain text with HTML tags – this you would paste into HTML editing window of your blog, Karl’s add-on output – into a rich text editor. Nice complementary pieces of functionality. Now we got everything covered!

Karl’s add-on is participating in the PowerGUI Challenge 2010. Got a great add-on idea? Take part in the contest!

3rd PowerGUI Challenge Begins

Create a PowerPack or PowerGUI Editor Add-On, post it, become famous and win prizes! And obviously have lots of PowerShell fun along the way. 🙂 These are the key rules of the 3rd annual PowerGUI Challenge.

The contest has just started and will last till November, 15th. Just like in all previous years, there is an amazing panel of judges (Jeffrey Snover, Hemant Mahawar, Don Jones, Jeffery Hicks, Shay Levy, Brandon Shell, Aleksandar Nikolic, Marco Shaw, Kirk Munro, and myself), great prizes (up to $1000! Thank you Quest Software. ;)) and blog posts from us promoting each entry and participant.

However, unlike previous years, this time you got to chose how you want to participate. You can do so by creating either:

  • A PowerPack – extention to the PowerGUI administrative console – PowerShell-based GUI to manage a particular platform (for ideas, see last year winners list or browse PowerGUI Library), or
  • A PowerGUI Script Editor Add-On – adding whatever functionality you have always wanted to have in the script IDE of your dream (for ideas, see the add-ons we already have in our library).

Or both. Or a few of both – we have prizes for the most active participants too.

Keep in mind that the earlier you start posting  your creations to – the more feedback and suggestions you get, so the bigger are your chances of winning the contest!

Here are a few links to help you get started:

Plus, we are always there to help! Just post your questions to the forum here. Don’t wait! Enter the contest now! 🙂

    New PowerShell Usergroup: Minneapolis and Saint Paul


    WCCO-TV, Minneapolis, Minnesota

    Image via Wikipedia


    Nick Weber and his fellow PowerShell Minnesotans have just started The Twin Cities PowerShell User Group. They just had their fist get together on October 12, and are now meeting every second Tuesday of the month. So if you live in the area – please join the usergroup. These are always fun and help share ideas and learn from your peers.

    All in all, now lists 15 usergroups! See if you can join any of these – or get your usergroup set up and listed if it is not there:

    Projects in PowerGUI Script Editor

    Adam’s latest add-on gave me something I wanted to have in the script editor for a long time – the project tree where I can easily access files for each of my PowerShell projects, conveniently grouped together in a hierarchy.

    1. Just unzip the add-on to your Documents\WindowsPowerShell\Modules folder.

    2. Turn it on in File / PowerShell Libraries / Add-on.ScriptExplorer.

    3. And start creating folders and adding files to them (multiselect works! 🙂

    Download the new add-on here and leave your comments on the add-on page or Adam’s blog to let him know what you think!

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