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Start-Transcript and Stop-Transcript

These now work in PowerGUI Script Editor once you install Kirk’s Transcription add-on.

I know this is one of the features we should have probably had from the very start 😉 – but the good thing is that it is finally there. You asked – we have listened! Please keep asking. 🙂


Publish scripts from PowerGUI to PoshCode

Developed a cool script? Please share it with the community!

Now with the PowerGUI Script Editor Publish Online add-on, this is as easy as pressing a button in the editor UI and filling out a simple form.

PowerShell Code Repository (or is an amazing resource of great PowerShell scripts you can use to learn from others get your job done faster.

PowerGUI Script Editor has long been able to search PoshCode and load its scripts right from the editor:

PowerGUI Script Editor can now find the scripts you need in the online repository.

Now we are closing the loop and letting you contribute back!

Please do so and help the PowerShell community grow!

New in PowerGUI 2.1 – Custom welcome pages

Another great new feature for PowerPack creators is the ability to define a custom HTML or MHT page to be displayed for any node or folder in the PowerGUI Admin Console.

This feature can be incredibly powerful. Not only it lets you establish your own PowerPack branding and with your logos, links to additional resources and so on. It also lets you display your help and other relevant information right inside PowerGUI – you can even add links invoking nodes and actions right from that page!

Check out this quick video which Darin put together:

This feature is part of our PowerPack functionality which allows you to easily create and share administrative UIs on top of PowerShell. Download PowerGUI 2.1, give it a try and let us know what you think!

PowerGUI Summer Wallpaper

Time to bring some summer mood to your desktop – here’s the new wallpaper for you to cheer-up your work environment – just pick the resolution you need here:


If you are a PowerShell fan in the Southern Hemisphere – we do have a winter version for you on our downloads page. The page also has a nice all-year-round desktop wallpaper for those not caring about the weather outside.

Security Webcast is Today

[UPDATE] Recording of this webcast is available here.

Today at 11:00 AM EDT Randy F. Smith from Ultimate Windows Security is holding a webinar on using PowerShell to ensure Active Directory and Windows Server security. The webcast is sponsored by Quest and free to attend.

Pre-registration is required and the space is limited so you might want to register right away here.

Learn more about the PowerShell AD/Windows security webinar here.

Script Signing Add-On for PowerGUI Script Editor

With this add-on you can:

  • Digitally sign any signable PowerShell file
  • Test the signature on any signed PowerShell file and view its details
  • Select a default script signing certificate from a list of valid code signing certificates
  • Automatically save files when you sign them
  • Configure which certificates to include in the signatures that are applied to files you sign
  • Optionally specify a timestamp server to be used when signing your files (recommended)

Read more about PowerGUI Script Editor add-ons in Kirk’s blog here.

You can download the add-on here, unzip it in the modules folder (our add-ons are just PowerShell modules!) and then select it in the File / PowerShell Libraries menu.

New in PowerGUI 2.1 – Charts

Now you can have your plots, pie charts, bar charts and many other kinds of graphics for your data displayed instead of the data grid view or right next to it right inside the PowerGUI Administrative Console:

This turns PowerGUI into a great reporting and data visualization tool.

Check out the video, download PowerGUI 2.1 and let us know what you think.

PowerGUI 2.1 is available

If you have not downloaded the new version yet – do it now. This is one of the most exciting ‘minor’ releases we have ever had!

There are multiple improvements (editor performance got even better!) and bugfixes, plus a few very important features:

Charts: Admin console now has built in charting so with a few clicks you can change the grid into a chart or make them display side by side.

Custom html pages: Any node can now display your custom HTML or MHT file instead (or next to) the data grid. This lets you add some branding or help information to your powerpacks.

Script Editor SDK: Create add-ons adding custom panes, menu items, toolbar buttons, event handlers, or append/redeifine any of our editor and debugger functionality!

These are very exciting and each deserves a separate blog post – which is exactly what I am planning to do in the next few days. Stay tuned for the posts. Download PowerGUI 2.1 now!

How to find me at TechEd

If you are in New Orleans this week, here’s how and where you can get a hold of me to discuss PowerShell, PowerGUI, or Cloud Computing and our Quest OnDemand IT Management as a Service offerings:

Throughout the week: follow @DSotnikov on Twitter – I will do my best to not forget update my status there.

Monday, June 7, 2010

10:30-12:30 – Microsoft Online Services (COS) booth – Yellow TLC areas – COS Info Desk

1:00-2:00 pm – Press panel on cloud computing (need to have press or analyst badge to attend)

2:15-2:45 pm – PowerShell and PowerGUI – Ask the Experts Q&A with myself and Kirk ‘Poshoholic’ Munro at Quest Software booth

3:00-4:00 pm – Analyst panel on cloud computing (need to have press or analyst badge to attend)

7:30-9:00 pm – Microsoft Online Services (COS) booth – Yellow TLC areas – Online Counter

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

8:30-11 am – Meetings with analysts and press (need to have press or analyst badge and schedule the meetings with Microsoft conference organizers to attend)

2:30-5:00 pm – BPOS booth – Yellow TLC areas

7:00 pm – Quest customer dinner (need to be a Quest Software customer to attend)

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

8:30-10:00 am – Co-presenting the ‘The Economics of Cloud Computing’ in room 398.

10:30-12:15 pm – Quest OnDemand demo and Q&A at Microsoft Azure booths: Yellow Section, COS 3 and 4

12:30-1:00 pm – Cloud and Enterprise IT, IT Management as a Service – Ask the Experts Q&A at Quest Software booth

1:30-2:45 pm – I am moderating BOF23-IT – IT Going to the Cloud: Are We Crazy? – Room 354

7:00 pm – PowerShell community dinner (need to be an active PowerShell community or ecosystem member to attend)

See you at TechEd!

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