Restructuring AD groups

Creating a subgroup and removing duplicate accounts from parent group is easy. I have just done this to one of the groups I manage (dev manager of one of the teams created a group for the team so I could include the group rather than individual members) and thought I would share the one-liner with you:

Compare-Object (Get-QADGroupMember MainGroup) (Get-QADGroupMember SubGroup) -ExcludeDifferent -IncludeEqual | Select -Expand InputObject | Remove-QADGroupMember MainGroup -WhatIf

Obviously, put your group names in there, and remove the -WhatIf if you want this command to actually change group membership.

The oneliner is pretty much self-explanatory:

  1. I first compare group membership of the two groups (using Compare-Object),
  2. Exclude the objects which are different and only retrieve the ones which are the same,
  3. Then I ask PowerShell to give me the actual objects (Select -Expand InputObject) – otherwise Compare-Object gives its wrappers with direction indicators and we do not need them here, and then
  4. Pipe these into the Remove-QADGroupMember command.

Very simple and saved me a few minutes today! Which I then used to write this blog post. 😉


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