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Get a list of users’ email addresses

Here’s a one-liner to turn members of a group into a list of email addresses, separated by semicolon. I am using it every now and then when someone from our partners (which obviously do not have access to our address book) ask me for a list of folks to include in some discussions, or grant access to some resources, and so on.

Here’s the oneliner (for PowerShell v2):

(Get-QADGroupMember MyGroupName -Type user -Indirect |
    Select -expand Email) -join ';'

PowerShell v1 version has a slightly different syntax for join:

  (Get-QADGroupMember MyGroupName -Type user -Indirect |
    Select -expand Email))

And here’s a quick explanation of what it does:

  • I use Get-QADGroupMember to retrieve all members of the group. Note that -Indirect parameter gives me all members of nested groups, and -Type user makes sure that nested groups themselves get excluded.
  • Then I am taking the collection of user objects and turn that into a collection of just one property of the objects (Email) using  Select -expand.
  • Finally I am using join to turn that collection into a string and using semicolon as separator.

Hope this is useful.

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