PowerGUI 1.9 RTMs

The most popular PowerShell freeware tool has just got an update.

This is a good update with full Windows 7/Windows Server 2008 R2 support (PowerShell v2 modules are now first class citizens!), revamped actions pane in the admin console, much improved intellisense in the editor, and a few other cool features and nice bugfixes.

In the next few days I will talk about the new features in detail. For now, here’s a quick copy/paste from the release notes:

New features in PowerGUI 1.9:

  • Dockable panes in the Admin console: now you can just open the View menu and select the panes you need to be displayed; then you can right-click the title bar of any pane, and select Dockable – to drag, resize, or close the window, arranging the panes in the way you like.
  • Messages pane: this feature will be extremely helpful in maintaining the tool. Select Messages from the View menu, and all errors, warnings, and information messages produced during PowerShell commands execution or scripts operation will become available for tracking in a special Messages pane.
  • PowerShell 2 modules support: PowerGUI now allows you to work with PowerShell modules. Modules are the new form of PowerShell cmdlet/function libraries introduced in PowerShell v2. Like the snapins, modules are accessible to PowerPacks. PowerGUI supports intellisense, F1 help, and debugging for PowerShell 2 cmdlets from module scripts.
  • Recently opened files: PowerGUI will “remember” the files you opened in Script Editor, and reopen them at startup, with the breakpoints, bookmarks, positions, splitted windows – to make your work with Script Editor even more convenient.
  • Intellisense for function parameters in PowerShell 2: note that the function needs to be loaded in PowerShell before it appears in intellisense, which means that it is not enough to type its definition – you actually need to run your script or profile loading your function libraries.
  • Re-worked Actions: instead of predefined Links/Actions/Common Actions groups, PowerGUI now lets you organize your actions in any custom categories. Note that Link (which used to be a separate entity) has been replaced with another entity – Action, outputting its results in a nested view.

You can manually download it here and install the update now or (if you are a 1.8 user connected to the internet) wait a week and get PowerGUI autoupdated.

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