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AD PowerPack now compatible with cmdlets 1.2

If you upgraded to AD cmdlets 1.2 and noticed that some links and actions in PowerGUI’s Active Directory and Network PowerPacks stopped working.

Now there are fixes available for both of the packs: just download and re-import them and you will get all the functionality back.

For those interested, the issue was related to AD cmdlets 1.2 losing Connection property in all their objects. This property was extensively used by our PowerPacks to provide for simultaneous work against multiple directories (e.g. test and production, AD and ADAM, or just multiple domains or forests).

AD cmdlets team is by the way working on a 1.2.1 patch release which would get the property back, but we thought we would provide a fix on PowerGUI side too.

As a free bonus AD PowerPack has a few other nice features:

  • Moved “Managed Domains” from the Network PowerPack to this PowerPack
  • Added top level Configuration node to allow you to set global settings that define what domain to connect to, what account to use, what properties to retrieve by default for each object type, what page size to use, what size limit to use and whether or not to perform searches across the entire forest or only the domain you connect to
  • Added several child nodes to provide fast access to common objects that users want to retrieve, including Locked Users, Disabled Users, Expired Users, Security Groups, Distribution Lists, Domain Controllers, and Exchange Servers
  • Fixed Empty Groups node such that it only returns truly empty groups (those which have no members and that aren’t set as primary group for any user or computer)
  • Added Unlock user action (this was overlooked in early releases)
  • Added Search… node to allow users to search their current Active Directory domain or the entire forest to which it belongs for objects by type and/or name

Here are the links to read more and download the updated Active Directory and Network PowerPacks.

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