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So who did we hire last month?

CreatedOn, CreatedAfter, and CreatedBefore parameters added in 1.2 to all Get-QAD* cmdlets are another new feature I would like to spotlight in my blog.

These can accept DateTime values or just strings which PowerShell can convert to such (automated type conversion in PowerShell is pretty cool.)

# Let's see all the new user accounts created since the 1st of the month
Get-QADUser -CreatedAfter "April 1, 2009"

# Can narrow it down to specific OU to exclude service accounts
Get-QADUser -CreatedAfter "April 1, 2009" -SearchRoot mydomain.local/employees

# Same thing for groups, computers, OUs, or any AD objects
Get-QADComputer -CreatedAfter "April 1, 2009"
Get-QADGroup -CreatedAfter "April 1, 2009"

# Did we hire anyone today?
Get-QADUser -CreatedOn "April 17, 2009"

# Let's if we have anyone who is with the company for more than 10 years ;)
Get-QADUser -CreatedBefore (Get-Date).AddYears(-10) -SearchRoot d.local/emp -Enabled 

# Let's count how many employees we were hiring monthly
for ($d = Get-Date "January 1, 2008"; $d -le (Get-Date); $d = $d.AddMonths(1)) {
  "$($d.ToShortDateString()) to $($d.AddMonths(1).ToShortDateString()):"
  (Get-QADUser -CreatedAfter $d -CreatedBefore $d.AddMonths(1)).Count

And you can use other parameters to get the data by department, city, title, and so on!

Now go to your HR and ask them if they can provide data like that so quickly. 😉

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