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Updated script to reset PowerGUI welcome screen

Based on the feedback which we got on the PowerGUI rebranding script.

I have just posted version 1.2 of the script which:

  1. fixes a few issues,
  2. adds the ability to rollback the homepage to default welcome screen by using this parameter: -ResetToDefault $true

Check it out and let me know what you think!

By the way, Darin has just posted a demo in which he was using (the older version of) the script to re-brand PowerGUI here.

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PowerGUI Profiles

We have just published a new wiki page with information on how and where PowerGUI admin console stores its configuration, how to reset the configuration to the default one, how to have multiple configurations and switch between them, and much more.

See the instructions here.

Feel free to edit if you spot something which is wrong or missing (its a wiki!), let us know what you think or which additional information you would like to see.

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AD cmdlets 1.2 RTM

Bob Bobel – who is the Product Manager for Quest’s AD cmdlets (and a bunch of other products) has just blogged that AD cmdlets 1.2 went gold.

The gotcha is that although the code RTMed we will actually have to wait a couple more weeks before they get posted on the web. I guess this is the price we have to pay for them being available both for free, and as a part of commercial enterprise products such as ActiveRoles Server.

Meanwhile, see more information on Bob’s blog (and try to get the bits from him if you are at TEC this week.)

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A must-attent UG next week

Thursday, Mar 26, 2009 PowerShell Usergroup in UK is having one of the most information-packed events ever. The agenda includes:

The event starts at 6 pm GMT (attention: UK and Europe is not yet on daylight savings time so the time difference for North America is 1 hour less than usual: if I do my math right the event start time is 2 pm EDT and 11 am PDT).

For those of us connecting remotely, Richard has LiveMeeting info on his blog.

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PowerGUI 1.7.1 shipped

Yesterday we have posted a maintenance release for PowerGUI – one of the most popular PowerShell tools out there. No major new features but dozens of bugfixes for issues we either found internally or got reported by the community.

Download and manually install it today or wait about a week and we’ll push it through autoupdate.

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Congrats to Jeffrey!

Jeffrey Snover – the father of PowerShell – has made it to the Distinguished Engineer at Microsoft. Congratulations!!!

To say that this is well deserved would be a total understatement. What Jeffrey did was not only the invention of PowerShell, but also gathering an incredible team to develop it, evangelizing it like crazy within the company, revolutionizing the way Microsoft thinks of manageability, enabling the community around the technology and all these small things that when executed together actually make things happen!

Snoopy Dance to Jeffrey and all of us!

Citrix’s inconsistent cmdlets naming

After being a part of a few email threads and discussions about Citrix not following the traditional name-verb cmdlet naming scheme I thought I would make a post with my take on that.

Basically, Citrix joined companies like Microsoft, VMware and Quest and is also trying to PowerShell-enable all of their products. However, they chose to not follow the standard naming scheme and went with a few of their own.

The ones for Provisioning Server are just bad: They user verb instead of a noun, prefix instead of a verb, and noun instead of a parameter.

So instead of: Add-Device – they have: Mcli-Add Device.

XenServer ones are slightly better (verb is where it is supposed to be) but nouns get colons and dots – something no other company in the world is using:


I think I understand why XenServer guys are designing their cmdlets that way – they simply try to workaround the namespaces issue which PowerShell has (see my blog post about that and vote for the bug on the connect site)

Basically, they want to make sure that their cmdlets don’t produce naming conflicts if administrators also have VMware and Microsoft cmdlets on the same box.

We had the same issue with our AD cmdlets and are using QAD prefix for every noun: e.g. Get-QADUser.

So I totally agree that the issue exists but I urge Citrix and other companies to not try to workaround it in a way so inconsistent with what everyone else is doing. We will simply do a very bad service to administrators who have to manage more that one system. Consistency is key to the success of PowerShell and I hope we can maintain that.

My suggestions:

To Microsoft: As vendors start adopting PowerShell we will be getting increasingly more issues like that, so please:

  • Consider enforcing naming standards in PowerShell and Visual Studio templates or at least (if the fear of losing backwards compatibility is strong) make sure that compilation and snapin registration produce warnings if non-standard cmdlet names are used.
  • Please provide a viable way of handling cmdlet naming conflicts. Administrators should be able to easily avoid these and get predictable results.

To Citrix:

  • Please get back to the standard Verb-Noun (or Verb-PrefixNoun) notation.
  • Consider giving your snapins short names so your aministrators could use: XenServer\Get-VM (or just Get-VM if there’s no conflict) rather than Get-XenServer:VM.

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Spring Wallpaper

For all PowerShell and PowerGUI lovers – time to change your desktop wallpaper for the Spring Edition! 🙂


Andrei Tsarkov got us a new Spring wallpaper but for fun I have made the one from last year available as well – we’ll check the download counts at the end of the season and I’ll let you know which one is more popular. 😉

Both Spring 2008 and Spring 2009 wallpapers can be downloaded from downloads page. Enjoy!

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PowerGUI chat started

The PowerGUI chat marathon has just started so I thought I would post the instructions for those interested.

We are re-using the last year’s Quest Connect conference space so don’t be surprised with everything marked 2008, plenty of recorded sessions (some might be worth checking out), and required registration.

Anyways, here are the steps so you don’t get lost:

1. Go to the Quest Connect site.

2. Register if you have not yet done that or log in if you have.

3. If you want to watch the AD cmdlets & PowerGUI session Darin and I did back in the fall go to Main Hall / Conference Hall / Do not fear the command line…


4. If you want to chat with me (starting in 30 minutes), Kirk (start at 7:30 EST) and Darin (starting 7:30 PST), go to Main Hall / Exhibition Hall / Active Directory, and then click the Booth Chat button:


See you there!

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VMware PowerPack with Visio Integration

Kirk has published version 2.1.5 of PowerGUI’s VMware PowerPack.

The biggest new feature is ability to create a Visio diagram for any part of your infrastructure:

This is based on Alan’s earlier Visio scripts enhanced by Kirk. Great example of community collaboration!

Read more about the update in Alan’s and Kirk’s blogs, get the updated pack here.

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