PowerShell Sessions at VMWorld Europe

vmworld_europe_logoHere’s my attempt to collect information on the PowerShell sessions and labs for the upcoming VMworld Europe 2009.

So far I found 3 PowerShell sessions, a lab, and an expert in the VMTN lounge:

  1. TA01: Managing VMware With PowerShell – by the key guys behind the VI Toolkit – Andrey Anastasov and Carter Shanklin.
  2. TA02: Unattended Deployment of VMware Infrastructure 3 – by Frederik Vos and Viktor van den Berg.
  3. Avoiding Pitfalls: The Hidden Costs of Managing your VMware Infrastructure – by Scott Herold (no code or timeslot assigned to that one yet).
  4. VI Toolkit (for Windows) Hands-On Lab: Introduction to Windows PowerShell.
  5. [New] Discussions in the VMTN lounge – with Alan Renouf answering any questions on VI Toolkit and PowerShell.

That’s 4 times the presence PowerShell had at VMworld US – quite some progress here! 😉

The 3rd one (Avoiding Pitfalls) is going to be by Scott Herold from www.vmguru.com – he promised a lot of good PowerShell content there.

My advice: after the session ends track Scott down to his Vizioncore booth, make sure that no one is around, and ask him about his new project based on PowerGUI. 😉 I don’t think he will talk about it publicly but the project is pretty cool.

Anyways, here are the abstracts for the sessions – make sure you attend them and enjoy the show!

TA01 Managing VMware With PowerShell

Are you vexed by VMs? Drowning in datastores? Scared of snapshots? Do you ever feel like your Virtual Infrastructure is out of control and nothing can help?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you’ve got a problem that only automation can solve and VMware’s free VI Toolkit (for Windows) is the best tool for the job. In this session, learn how the VI Toolkit’s powerful commands and strong community will help you get your Virtual Infrastructure under control in virtually no time.


* Andrey Anastasov MTS, VMware, Inc.
* Carter Shanklin Product Manager, VMware

TA02 Unattended Deployment of VMware Infrastructure 3

An unattended deployment of VMware infrastructure 3 reduces the time needed for installation and configuration of your VMware ESX and vCenter server(s). It also reduces the risk misconfiguration. Unattended deployment of these products will gain you a consistent configuration.

At Xpert Training Group, an indepedent VMware Authorized Training Centre from The Netherlands, unattended deployments of VI-3 are used on a regular basis. In this session you will learn
how to automatically deploy your ESX servers and how to connect these fresh installed ESX servers to a vCenter server.

After the introduction of a step-by-step plan for unattended deployment, this session will focus on some useful scripting techniques used in
a unattended deployment scenario. Expect some bash and powershell scripting in this session.


* Frederik Vos Technical trainer, Xpert Training Group
* Viktor van den Berg Product Manager / Technical Trainer, Xpert Training Group

Avoiding Pitfalls: The Hidden Costs of Managing your VMware Infrastructure

Server virtualization has brought significant efficiencies to IT operations, but at the cost of new challenges in monitoring the health of running virtual machines, analyzing data, alerting staff in case of a problem, and performing administrative tasks. These challenges are growing as virtualization takes an increasingly central role in IT. System administrators are investing more time and effort into ensuring the proper operation and health of VMs, yet lack tools comparable to those available for physical servers. Join Scott Herold, Lead Architect for Virtualization Solutions, at Quest Software who reveals how the growing complexity and lack of resources necessitate changing the way IT operations are commonly performed. Key takeaways include:

* Understanding server workloads and better identifying virtualization candidates
* Addressing the challenges of monitoring the virtual infrastructure
* Reduce internal fire-fighting by adopting more mature operational processes
* Prioritizing issues based on the impact to the business and on end users
* Reducing administration costs through proactive management and automation


* Scott Herold, Lead Architect – Virtualization Business :: Quest Software

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2 Responses to “PowerShell Sessions at VMWorld Europe”

  1. 1 Alan February 4, 2009 at 9:38 pm

    Cant wait, thanks I will make a note of these !

  2. 2 Dmitry Sotnikov February 5, 2009 at 12:13 pm

    Alan, I have just added you @ the VMTN lounge as the 5th attraction for the event. 😉

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