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Looking for Enterprise Beta testers

With PowerGUI 1.7 getting closer to beta release we are looking for beta customers who are really willing to push the limits for enterprise deployments of the admin console.

Here’s the scenario which we are going to support in 1.7 and want to beta test:

  1. IT architect/consultant/system integrator/superbright IT genius customizes PowerGUI admin console and leaves only the functionality for a particular role (e.g. helpdesk) within this particular organization needs (for example, it would have a list of users limited to a specific geographic location and only provide actions to reset passwords, change phone numbers, and so on).
  2. PowerGUI admin console (without script editor) gets installed for each helpdesk person in the office.
  3. New functionality is used to lock-down these consoles (so helpdesk people cannot see the PowerShell code behind the actions, or modify the functionality, and so on.)


This helps equip everyone in the IT organization with exact tools they need, get rid of scripting (scripts get turned into admin console UI), and thus reduce risks and associated costs, and make life easier for everyone.

If this is a solution which you would consider deploying in your company – now is the time to influence the way we implement it. The beta program starts really soon and if you want to be in please contact PowerGUI product manager – Darin Pendergraft ( Darin.Pendergraft at quest com ) and let him know some details about your specific scenario so he can chose right candidates for the beta.

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