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PowerGUI Tips & Tricks Videos

Darin has just started a series of really short videos (1-3 minutes) on his favorite features in PowerGUI and just quick tips and tricks he learned and wanted to share. There are 5 videos at the moment with hopefully more to come:

PowerGUI Editor Tips and Tricks PowerGUI Editor Tips and Tricks

This video shows some time-saving features of the PowerGUI Script Editor: intellisense is used to quickly create a PowerShell command that detects and lists all processes running on the local system, the code snippet feature is used to paste a fully formed function template into the edior, and the VB snippet feature is used to demonstrate how the PowerGUI editor recognizes VB code structures and substitutes the equivalent PowerShell structure instead.

PowerGUI download and install PowerGUI download and install

This video shows the download URL for PowerGUI, and demonstrates a default install.

PowerGUI Column Quick Tip
PowerGUI Column Quick Tip

This video shows how to customize the output grid in PowerGUI to show or hide data that you want to see. Columns can me reordered or hidden.

Generating Reports Using PowerGUI Generating Reports Using PowerGUI

This video demonstrates how to use PowerGUI to create reports. In this video we use PowerGUI to find all system processes consuming more than 20% CPU and export that data to a .CSV file.

Setting Filters in PowerGUI Setting Filters in PowerGUI

This video demonstrates how to use filters to customize the output data grid in PowerGUI. A filter will be created on the ‘Services’ node to generate a list of system services that have stopped. The filtered list will then be saved as a new node that can be reused.

Here’s the PowerGUI playlist address for you to bookmark. 😉

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