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PowerGUI in Arabic, Japanese, and Turkish

arabic-japanese-turkishOne of the key new features PowerGUI 1.6 release is three new languages added to our user interface (in alphabetic order):

  • Arabic – spoken natively by about 280 million people – localization made by Sherif Talaat who is also maintaining the one and only Arabic blog on PowerShell!
  • Japanese – spoken by over 130 million people – translated by Mitsuru Oka.
  • Turkish – spoken by over 63 million people worldwide – localized by Emin Imer.

This is a huge boost for us (almost half-billion new potential users ;)), bringing the total number of languages currently provided for PowerGUI to 17: Arabic, Chinese, Danish, English, Japanese, French, German, Greek, Italian, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish. Huge thanks to everyone doing this translation work! You guys rock!

If your Windows is using one of these languages for the user interface, PowerGUI should just pick it up. If not – use PowerGUI’s Tools/Options menu to select your language. And please go to this page if you want to contribute to these or any other localizations – let’s make PowerGUI and PowerShell accessible to everyone!

[Update] Note that Arabic localization is currently in experimental mode. We still have a bunch of dialog boxes which we need to change to right-to-left layout for full support. We know about the issue but wanted to share what we had so you can start using it and giving us your feedback.

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