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PowerGUI 1.6 Released

What a great way to start 2009!

We have just released our latest update for the popular PowerShell IDE and administrative console – PowerGUI 1.6.

The new features include:

  • PowerShell v2 CTP3 compatibility.
  • [Editor] Dockable & re-arrangeable panes – now you can re-arrange the 3 panes (script, variables, and PowerShell console) any way you like, or even undock any of them and place it outside the main window – I myself am doing that to the PowerShell Console one, making it really large, and placing on my second monitor – makes so much difference!
  • [Debugger] Almost instant debugger start – this used to take significant time for larger scripts in our previous releases.
  • [Debugger] Ability to step into external scripts.
  • [Editor] Customizable toolbar and hotkeys – the first thing I did with that was placing Copy As HTML to the toolbar – this is the feature I am using all the time to blog my PowerShell code.
  • [Admin Console] Much improved column selection dialog box (the one you get when right-clicking the grid header and choosing More).

And of course, numerous smaller improvements and fixes based on the feedback we were getting from the discussion forums.

Download it for free today (automated updates will only be turned on in a week or so) and let us know what you think!

[UPDATE] Other new features I missed initially:

  • More languages: PowerGUI is now also available in Arabic, Japanese, and Turkish.
  • Automated updates made optional: you can turn off our autoupgrade functionality in Tools/Options if you do not want PowerGUI to keep checking for the latest version.
  • Improved Search Online: by default, our PowerShell script searcher (Editor: File / Search Online) only displays one (latest) version for each script it finds.

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