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PowerGUI 1.5.1 RTMs

We have just posted the newest release of PowerGUI – version 1.5.1 – to the web. As you might guess, it got better, with most of the bugs we got reported on the community forums fixed, and most feature requests implemented. 😉

A more complete version of what’s new can be found on our version history page.

Both components got:

  • VMware Infrastructure Client integration
  • Support for roaming profiles, as well as Citrix/TS deployments
  • Easier UI localization switch right from the GUI
  • STA mode support

The highlights for the IDE include:

  • Online search for PowerShell scripts
  • Support for multiple runspaces
  • Intellisense now supporting NoteProperties, env:, and function drive
  • Support for signed scripts

Admin console got a lot of improvements for making your powerpacks easier to create and use:

  • Ability to select which parameters get prompted
  • Support for $host.ui.prompt and $host.ui.promptforchoice so you can easily create dialog boxes of your own
  • Updated default PowerPacks
  • Column selection now associated with data type and thus consistent and working for dynamic nodes

Again, the what’s new page has some details and we are out there at the forums waiting for your feedback.

Go ahead and download the latest build! (Or wait another week or so till we turn the automated upgrade on ;))

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