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Taming SharePoint

As we all know SharePoint does not have a native set of PowerShell cmdlets – which does not mean that PowerShell crowd does not want to manage it with PowerShell. 😉 If you check out PowerGUI library you will find 4 (!) powerpacks (as usual with all PowerShell code behind!) for SharePoint management:

  • SharePoint powerpack which list the SharePoint Webs, folders, and List, you can also monitor the SharePoint usage.
  • SharePoint farm PowerPack allows you to display the properties of the local farm, get a list of servers running in your farm, list SharePoint services and monitor the status and which services needs upgrade, and list the web services and web applications.
  • SharePoint Navigator PowerPack comes with full site navigation through the sites, webs, going down to folders and browsing through the files, viewing document properties and versions.
  • SharePoint remote access powerpack (browsing lists, document libraries, users, groups, roles, and supporting file and folder deletion, allows remote access to a Sharepoint machine.

The first three were submitted by Ayman Wassif (and are using .NET API) and the last one by Jamie Redman (and illustrates remote management via web services!). Check them out – you will learn quite a few tricks and will get a nice extensible SharePoint management tool for your day-to-day administration.

And please rate them and add your comments to the library entries. I know that these are very important to anyone posting their packs to the library!

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