PowerGUI 1.5 RTMs

We have just shipped PowerGUI 1.5.0 – which is a very important upgrade for us with a lot of new and exciting features.

Right now I am overexcited to provide a detailed what’s new list so I will just give you the ones off the top of my head and will hope that others (or myself later this week) will provide a more detailed overview.

PowerGUI Administrative Console:

  • New filters: we have completely revamped the set of filter operations to make them much more user-friendly so you get “starts with”, “ends with” and so one instead of “like”
  • Totally revamped code generation for the PowerShell Code tab. We got rid of scriptblocks and made the code much more readable.

PowerGUI Script Editor:

  • Output window now has a live PowerShell prompt built into it!
  • Multitab UI.
  • Edit menu has options to copy code as HTML or RTF – for all bloggers out there.
  • Errors are written to the output window (obviously in red).

Both components:

  • Both x64 and x86 version installed on x64 machines.
  • A much nicer input box is displayed for your read-host commands.
  • Ability to manually change the UI language.

And multiple smaller improvements everywhere!

Now we will probably get back to smaller regular 1.5.x upgrades getting you even more exciting features in the next few months. There’s so much on our roadmap that this is going to be a very exciting year for the PowerGUI team and user community. Please visit our discussion forums and let us know what you think and what you want to be added to the product.

You can download this latest version as well as updated localization modules from PowerGUI.org.

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3 Responses to “PowerGUI 1.5 RTMs”

  1. 1 Claude May 21, 2008 at 9:41 am

    Thanks for the new version. Great job.

    I have one problem with format-Table. Seem’s not to work correctly for me after the upgrade.
    This simple Exchange script:

    Get-MailboxStatistics -Server “my-mail-server” | Sort -Property DisplayName | ft DisplayName, @{expression={$_.totalitemsize.value.ToMB()};label=”Mailbox Size(MB)”}, itemcount, lastlogontime, lastlogofftime,lastloggedonuseraccount

    gives strange output:
    Only one column with name and results like: Microsoft.PowerShell.Commands.Internal.Format.FormatStartData

    Any idea?

  2. 2 dmitrysotnikov May 21, 2008 at 10:18 am


    Please do not use Format-Table inside PowerGUI scripts. Format-Table is a bad cmdlet in the sense that it actually kills the original objects and turns them into something that PowerGUI is displaying. Please avoid format-table in the code and use PowerGUI grid to select the columns you need and their order. You can also sort in the grid by just clicking the column header.

    If you are using format-table to add a new member to the object you can do that by using the Add-Member cmdlet, e.g.:

    Get-MailboxStatistics -Server “my-mail-server” | ForEach-Object {
    $_ | Add-Member -Name “Mailbox Size (MB)” `
    -Value $_.totalitemsize.value.ToMB() `
    -MemberType NoteProperty -PassThru

    Also, in the future try asking questions on our community site: http://powergui.org/forumindex.jspa?categoryID=55 – the forums there have more eyes watching stuff so questions get answered more promptly.


  3. 3 Claude May 21, 2008 at 12:14 pm

    Worls great now. Thanks for your explanation who makes a lot of sense.


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