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PowerGUI in Italiano

Italy has one of the most dynamic IT sectors in Europe, and by itself is probably the best place on Earth with wonderful nature, friendly people, great food and wine, and the highest density of art and history in the World. The only thing missing was a localized version of PowerGUI. Not any more.

Stefano Del Furia has translated the UI, and Efran Cobisi set up a nice PowerGUI page on the Italian PowerShell portal.

PowerGUI - Italian IDE and administrative console for PowerShell

So if you are in Italy – or are using Italian Windows UI to learn the language – you can now have a PowerShell admin console and IDE in Italian.

The thing I love about the growing PowerShell community in Italy the most – is that thanks to Stefano and Efran I will now have a business reason to justify my trips to the country! Good deal! 😉

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PowerGUI in Korean

PowerGUI goes into Asia-Pacific. Thanks to the contribution by Wooseok Seo, we have just got Korean added to the line up of localized user interfaces available for PowerGUI.

Korean PowerShell editor and admin console screenshot

Wooseok Seo – is a C# MVP (actually has been a C# MVP 6 years in a row since 2002) and is also a running a popular Korean Debuglab community.

Thanks to Wooseok we now have a completely free Korean administrative console and script debugger for PowerShell.

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VBScript to PowerShell Converter

Are you a VBScript guy trying to learn the new and cool way of doing stuff in PowerShell? Does it seem that everything is different now and you have to lookup the docs each time you want to do something you have been doing for ages?

Fear not! Finally there’s a tool which does VBScript to PowerShell conversions for you. You type in the VBScript expression and it gets automatically converted into the PowerShell equivalent.

Automated VBscript to PowerShell conversion

As you can see we have just added this functionality into the PowerGUI Script Editor. All you need to do is press Ctrl-B (or find VBScript in full list of Ctrl-I and find VBScript category there).

Once you select the construct you need and hit Enter, the corresponding PowerShell code gets added to your script.

The functionality is available in the latest update to PowerGUI – version 1.0.15 – which you can download from our community site.

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Spring PowerGUI Wallpaper

PowerGUI PowerShell Spring WallpaperAndrey did it again – he has just created a beautiful Spring wallpaper for all of us PowerGUI fans.

I think it also answers Richard’s request for a computerized version of “I wondered lonely as a cloud” (yeah, I know these are not daffodils, but what a jocund company they are!)

You can get a version of the wallpaper for any screen resolution on the PowerGUI downloads page. Have fun!

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PowerGUI Reviews

There were a few recent reviews of PowerGUI which I found worthwhile:

  • PowerShell, PowerGUI, AD cmdlets and Ambidextrous Scripting – excellent write up by Guy Thomas. And no, I didn’t know the word ambidextrous either, so it is worth reading even just for the sake of improving your vocabulary. Guy is actually making very good points on the philosophy behind these tools and IT management in general.
  • One of the most hilarious reviews on PowerGUI and PowerShell was definitely the one by Andy Schneider. I’ll just put the two quotes that I cannot help putting – and so you know that PowerShell is not necessarily for family use:
    • Dude, this is fricking AWESOME
    • WOW, I have being playing with some of the AD and E2K7 stuff, this tool kicks so much butt !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Last but not least is Michael’s review of PowerGUI at 4sysops – one of the best IT sites out there. It is definitely an honor for us to get reviewed on the site. Thanks Michael!

Thanks guys! Your feedback is very important and helps us make the products better and find a reason to go to the office in the morning. 😉

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Get Computer by IP Address

Get-QADComputer can accept lots of forms of computer identification: name, DNS name, DN, and so on, but IP address is currently not there. Fear not! PowerShell and .NET can do wonders.

With a little bit of help from Jeffrey, I scripted a simple function which turns IP addresses into computer names and supports every possible scenario I could think of:

# No parameters
PS C:\> Get-ComputerNameByIP
Please supply the IP Address:

# With parameter
PS C:\> Get-ComputerNameByIP

# With pipeline
PS C:\> '', '' | Get-ComputerNameByIP

# Or reading from a text file (one IP address per line)
PS C:\> get-content C:\temp\ip_addresses.txt | Get-ComputerNameByIP

# Or piping that further to get AD computer objects
PS C:\> '', '' | Get-ComputerNameByIP | 
               ForEach-Object { Get-QADComputer -DnsName $_ }

Name    Type      DN
----    ----      --
MYCOMP  computer  CN=MYCOMP,OU=Redmond,OU=US,OU=Desktops...
MYSERV  computer  CN=MYSERV,OU=Redmond,OU=US,OU=Servers,...

And here’s the actual function which you can copy/paste into your PowerShell window, add to your PowerShell profile, or “dot-source” from an external file.

function Get-ComputerNameByIP {
        $IPAddress = $null
    BEGIN {
        if ($IPAddress -and $_) {
            throw 'Please use either pipeline or input parameter'
        } elseif ($IPAddress) {
        } elseif ($_) {
        } else {
            $IPAddress = Read-Host "Please supply the IP Address"
    END {

Have fun!

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AD PowerShell session @ TechMentor 08

Jeffery HicksIf you are at the TechMentor event in San Francisco (March 30 – April 3), make sure you attend Jeff’s session on managing Active Directory with Windows PowerShell.

Jeffery Hicks (my fellow PowerShell MVP, also known as Mr. Roboto) is currently in the process of writing a book on this very subject so getting to his session is your chance to get some of the tips and tricks a few months before the book becomes available!

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