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Bob Muglia on PowerGUI

Bob Muglia, Senior Vice President of the Server and Tools Business (STB) at Microsoft Bob Muglia is Microsoft’s Senior Vice President of the Server and Tools Business. If you ever attended any major Microsoft conferences like TechEd or IT Forum the chances are that he was the guy delivering that roadmap keynote on the event.

I have just found out that he has commented on the PowerGUI release:

“The availability of PowerGUI to help take advantage of the hugely popular Windows PowerShell is a great example of how Quest Software is enabling customers to derive real value from Windows Server 2008, literally on day one.”

This comes from Quest’s Windows Server 2008 launch press-release. I know that normally press-releases are boring PR stuff, but in this particular case getting a quote like that from someone as senior and important at Microsoft as Bob is a great honor.

And at the end of the day, this is a great way of articulating the value of PowerGUI. Both the admin console and the IDE are aimed to ease the learning curve and let you get the most value out of PowerShell from day 1.

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