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PowerShell in Windows 7 – not in XP/Vista

One of the leaked and presumably real screenshots of Windows 7 has PowerShell v2 command-line window on it.Windows 7 screenshot with PowerShell v2

Which actually leads to a few thoughts:

1. It is great to finally have PowerShell (and especially v2) a part of the client OS (it is a part of the upcoming Windows Server 2008 already).

2. At the same time, this is not a big surprise because Windows 7 ships after the PowerShell deadline at Microsoft goes into effect so I guess Windows team had no choice anyways.

A colleague of mine just today asked me whether Microsoft was going to push PowerShell into XP SP3 or Vista SP1. The answer is no. For XP and Vista, PowerShell remains an optional download.

I would argue that there actually is a rationale for that. Today, PowerShell is not a desktop management tool. With no real remoting in the platform there’s just no value in having PowerShell on each and every computer in the network. It would just be there and not give you a way to mass-manage the systems (unless a 3rd-party product is used.)

With PowerShell v2 remoting capabilities, the system goes beyond the admin console value, and becomes the desktop management platform. So having v2 on each and every Windows box suddenly starts making a lot of sense.

Thus (a complete speculation below), we might eventually see PowerShell v2 getting into some Vista SP (e.g. SP2) or being pushed to Vista via Windows Update (I doubt that XP is going to be included).

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