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Scotty, get well soon!

Not the kind of news I enjoy blogging about. Alex Binotto has just told me that Scotty McLeod is in the hospital. Last night while going home he was hit by a train and is now in critical conditions fighting for his life. 😦

Scotty was one of the guys evangelizing PowerShell in its early Monad days. He helped Richard found the first PowerShell Usergroup. Later he became the leader of the UK Windows Server usergroup.

Scotty is absolutely amazing: funny, geeky, and extremely knowledgeable and insightful.

We all hope that Scotty gets well soon!

[Update] Thanks to Keith and Adam here’s some updated info:

He’s in the Neurology Intensive Care ward of St Georges Hospital.

  • His condition has improved since yesterday
  • He’s on a ventilator to breath.
  • Hes not conscious.
  • He’s stable.

Not much to go on, but I was told he’s allowed to have visitors.

[Update 2: Jan 25] Thanks to Gordon:

The situation seems less dire than at first. He cannot be fully assessed until they start to wake him up, which will not be until after his jaw is fixed. The doctors are planning to take Scotty to surgery to fix the broken jaw – a good sign indeed.

Scotty’s family is with him. Obviously it is not the right time to call or visit him, but sending a card to demonstrate support to Scotty and his family might indeed be a good idea.

[Update 3: Jan 28] From Richard:

The jaw reconstruction went well and they have taken him off sedation but he hasn’t woken up yet. They will be doing a CT scan soon.

It looks like Scotty could either regain consciousness very soon or its going to be a long haul.

[Update 4: Jan 29] Richard quoting someone who visited Scotty:

His condition is currently described as stable but he is no longer on sedatives and has not woken up yet. The doctors say that it’s a waiting game now for the next couple of weeks to see if he comes out of the coma.

There is nothing medically stopping him from reviving at the moment but they are going to carry out some further tests to rule some things out.

[Update 5: Jan 31] From Mark:

I went to see Scotty this afternoon. It was the first time I’d seen him since the accident but his family tell me that there’s been a big improvement – the swelling and bruising is starting to go down, he’s off the ventilator and may even be moved from Intensive Care to a High Dependency Unit once a bed is available.

The big news was that whilst I was there he opened one eye and appeared to be watching me – probably thinking bugger off and stop blathering nonsense!

There’s a long way to go yet though – he’s still unconscious (I’m told he can hear visitors though and I’m pretty sure he was watching me) but his family certainly appreciate the visits from friends, colleagues and associates.

[Update 6: Feb 02] Please the comment Jan recently left on this blog. Also, here’s what Richard is forwarding from Scotty’s brother:

He has been moved from the Neurological ICU to the High Dependency Ward. Its called Brady or Brodie Ward. Its in the same building on the same floor as the ICU just at other end of corridor.

He is still unconscious but is now off the ventilator. He is showing more and more eye movement and more coordinated movement, especially of his arms. This is taken to be good signs and they are looking for the progress to continue.

Visiting times are 11-1 and 3-8. Visitors are more than welcome.

[Update 7: Feb 08] See the comment by Scotty’s brother below. There’s apparently great progress with Scotty now opening his eyes and moving his limbs. Visits are greatly encouraged and appreciated. See the comment for more details.

[Update 8: Feb 12] Update from Steve Lamb:.

I saw Scotty sat in a chair (beside his bed) with his eyes open and apparently awake with an old friend of his (a former lodger) talking to him. He commented that he could see improvements in Scotty’s awareness over the previous day and a half.

Scotty seemed to be aware of some of the things going on around him though his interactions were limited to hand squeezing and periodically pointing to his right ear – I learned that this is a request to have his ear rubbed which seemed to give him comfort.

He seemed to squeeze my hand more as I told him of our plans for the Windows Server launch, particularly about James’ Powershell session.

Scotty was also exploring his Mum’s watch and rings plus the intravenous trip with his fingers.

It’s great that Scotty is becoming more and more aware of the World around him.

Scotty’s Mum, Dad and brother (Murdo) expressed their wish for as many of Scotty’s friends as possible to visit him and talk about anything he might relate to. The family each expressed their amazement at the number of people who know their Son and the online support you have given.

See comments to this post for contact information and please pay Scotty a visit if you are in the area.

[Update 9: Feb 22]: Scotty is being moved to Sycamore Ward, on Level 4 of the Kingston Surgical Centre, visiting times 15:00-20:00.  The nearest railway station is Norbiton and this is literally across the road and down the hill from the hospital.  If you need maps the hospital website is

He is getting better and better every day. Interacting with people, smiling, moving, and so on. Please subscribe to the comments feed for this post to get the updates posted there.

As mentioned multiple times here: visits are highly encouraged (make sure you use his full name – Malcolm McLeod – when inquiring at the reception) and very important for Scotty’s recovery.

[Update: Feb 2009] Actually, this whole post and all the comments below are now a little bit of history – or a fairy tale with a very happy ending. Scotty recovered and is even blogging now at, he and Jan got married and are living together happy ever after. I wish all stories in this world went like that. 🙂


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