New free PowerShell debugger

Today is a milestone in our PowerGUI development. We have just released version 1.0.12 with PowerShell debugger built into the script editor.

So now not only can you edit the scripts but also debug them, set breakpoints, go step-by-step, see the values of the variables, and much more:

PowerGUI PowerShell IDE script editor and debugger

Building a debugger is not an easy thing so I am sure we have plenty of room for improvement in this v1 release. So if find any bugs or have great enhancement request – please don’t hesitate to file them to the discussion forums.

1.0.12 has more than just the debugger, and I will blog about other new features later this week. At the moment, I am just too excited to go into details.

The big picture is: Great admin UI and a full PowerShell IDE and did I mention they are free and available for download?

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