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Exchange 2007 PowerGUI Tutorials

Henrik Walther has just published his part 2 on managing Exchange 2007 with PowerGUI at

In part 2 he goes through managing public folders, setting permissions, provisioning mailboxes from csv files, reporting, as well as extending the tool.

(Too bad these were written before we extended the pack to cover all the functionality missing in the native Exchange Management Console.)

Henrik’s posts are good step-by-step tutorials with lots of screenshots and easy to follow. Highly recommended!

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Kandinsky design for iPod

I normally try not to put personal stuff into the blog but this time I just could not help it.

Here goes the photo I made today – painting by Wassily Kandinsky (dated 1925!) featuring an iPod music player:

Fragment of Kandinsky’s painting featuring iPod

Long story: The painting is called Gelb-Rot-Blue and I found it in Parisian modern art museum – Centre Pompidou. I am in Paris this week on a business trip meeting various Quest’s business partners and customers, and being a big fan of fine arts tried to find some time for the art galleries as well. Who would have thought that there’s no escape from technology even there?!

So now that we know who was behind iPod design, can anyone find the original iPhone and Zune paintings?

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Updated PowerGUI Active Directory Pack

Our AD PowerPack has been quite outdated for a long time. I think it has been more or less the way it was initially created to demo AD cmdlets 1.0.1 integration at MMS. Not anymore! Last week we’ve set down and added a bunch of new features to the pack taking advantages of the enhancements introduced to both cmdlets (in versions 1.0.2 and 1.0.3) and PowerGUI itself (the pack now works with PowerGUI 1.0.8 or later).

Here’s the quick what’s new:

  • Description and system requirements shown/enforced on import
  • User password reset
  • OU browsing
  • Remove the default 100 item limits
  • User CSV Provisioning (!)
  • Enable User
  • Recursive Member Of
  • New User
  • New Group
  • Remove User
  • Remove Group

And here’s how it looks like:

Updated Active Directory PowerPack for PowerGUI

And don’t forget that all of that comes with the standard PowerGUI sorting, filtering, reporting, and bulk operations capabilities. And, if you are using Windows Server 2008 it integrates with the new Fine-Grained Password Policies UI. And, everything you do is also output as PowerShell code on the corresponding tab. And, you can add/remove/modify any node, link, or action. Etc., etc.

Go download it here.

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