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PowerGUI Roadmap Updated

I’ve updated the PowerGUI roadmap and version history page at

Based on the feature poll and discussions in the community we will provide a few pretty significant improvements in our next release (1.0.8 in a week or two from now) in the following areas:

  • Stability and performance:
    • More stable in various PowerShell environments even with corrupt PowerShell installations or third-party snapins. For example, with 1.0.8 there won’t be any need to comment out community extensions start-up commands from the profile, etc.
    • Slightly faster start-up time and less memory consumption.
    • No restart required when linking to PowerShell snapins (libraries).
  • More control of PowerGUI UI from script nodes, actions, and links
    • PowerPack creators will be able to dynamically create tree nodes (e.g. to give OU or public folder hierarchy) and change the labels in the path control above the object grid.
    • Better system requirements enforcement for PowerPacks.
  • “Smarter” parameter dialog boxes
    • we used to have text edit boxes for all types of parameters now we try to be better than that and provide drop-down boxes for enumerations and booleans, date picker for dates, etc.

I know we’ve been asked for more advanced features as well such as a better built-in script editor and we are working on that but this will take slightly longer than a couple of weeks. Stay tuned!

Is there something else that we are missing? Please comment here or in the discussion forum at

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