Free UI Console for Fine-Grained Password Policies

I spent most of the day today using the password policy cmdlets and the PowerShell UI we all use and love to create graphical user interface for fine-grained password policies (see overviews in 4sysops and Ulf’s blog) in my Windows 2008 lab. And here’s the result (click to see it full size):

Graphical console to manage fine-grained password policies in Windows 2008 domains

What you see on the screen is the graphical user interface to manage those granular password policies and they are far nicer than ADSIEdit. 😉

I included the following functionality:

  • Create new password policy,
  • See password policy properties (PowerGUI adds sorting, filtering, reporting, copy to clipboard and other goodies),
  • Link a password policy to a user or group,
  • Unlink a password policy,
  • Remove a password policy,
  • See the resultant policy for a selected user.

All these operations also support bulk selection.

You can download the pack from PowerGUI library: Fine-Grained Password Policies – please provide feedback so I can make it better.

And, as usual, should you want to learn the command-line or script the same actions, just click the PowerShell Code tab at the bottom of the PowerGUI window – and copy/paste from there.


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11 Responses to “Free UI Console for Fine-Grained Password Policies”

  1. 1 pbbergs January 8, 2008 at 2:52 am

    This appears to be a nice step up from the ADSI Edit feature, but I am still disappointed that Microsoft didn’t provide anyway to adjust the complexity rules, without this it doesn’t allow us to control features defined by Management.

  2. 2 cjwdev May 16, 2011 at 3:08 pm

    Nice 🙂 I was thinking of writing an application for doing this and adding it to the other free tools on my website ( but not sure if its worth it now as yours seems to do a pretty good job already 🙂

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