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New episode of PowerScripting podcast

Jonathan has just published episode 5 of his PowerScripting podcast. Among other things he is sharing his experience using AD cmdlets and creating new user accounts with a single PowerShell command.

As Jonathan states it in his blog motto: get the podcast and pipe it into your ears. 😉

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TechEd: PowerShell Chalk-Talk

Today (Friday, June 8, 2007) is the last day of TechEd 2007. However, there are still good sessions to attend and one of them is PowerShell Chalk-Talk:

SVR12-TLC – Advanced Windows PowerShell Scripting

6/8/2007 1:00PM-2:15PM
Yellow Theater 1

This session provides a deep drill into advanced Windows PowerShell scripting techniques. Windows PowerShell provides an incredibly large dynamic range of capabilities, from simple to very sophisticated. This session is for those who have mastered the simple range and want to explore the high-end techniques and mechanisms.

Unfortunately, because the session was originally going to be on Thursday I already had my tickets bought for Friday afternoon and won’t be able to present at the session.

However, you’ll still get a hold of Don Jones (who is a much better presenter anyway) and Robert Bobel (who is Quest’s product manager for AD cmdlets and ActiveRoles Server).

And this session is going to be totally interactive and completely Q&A-based.

Both of our PowerShell sessions earlier this week Don and I could hardly leave the room after the sessions because of multiple questions everyone had on PowerShell. This chalk-talk is a great opportunity to have all the questions answered.

A must-attend if you are at the conference!

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