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PowerShell Dinner @ TechEd

Following the DEC tradition we are planning to have a PowerShell community dinner at TechEd next week. A small and cozy get-together with Microsoft folks, ISVs, and PowerShell community members attending the show. Everyone seemed to love the ones we had at DEC and MMS so the TechEd PowerShell dinner should be as good as the ones before.

We are thinking of having it Wednesday night (but could move to Tuesday is this works better).

If you are attending the show and can make it to the PowerShell dinner please get in touch with me by leaving a comment, sending an email to Dmitry.Sotnikov(at), calling on my cell phone or using any other mean of communication you can think of.

See you at the show! Make sure you attend the sessions, make it to the dinner, or just find me by the Quest booth and say hi.

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PowerShell: Connecting to a specific DC

This is a question which comes from time to time: how do you make the AD cmdlets work against a particular Domain Controller?

As you probably know you don’t actually need to explicitly connect to a DC to run the cmdlets. If you need a list of users in your domain you just install the cmdlets and run Get-QADUser. This PowerShell cmdlet just runs against the closest DC of the current domain and retrieves the data.

However, what happens if your workstation is not a part of the domain? Or if you are managing a multi-domain/multi-forest environment and want to connect to a different domain than the one in which you are?

In that case the Connect-QADService cmdlet comes really handy. You just run:

Connect-QADService -service ''

And you are connected to that specific domain controller for all subsequent cmdets.

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