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No PowerShell for Longhorn Core?

Someone just told me that Longhorn Core server role does not support PowerShell so you have to get back to 20th century command-line style and learn all the different command-line styles of all the components.

(Disclaimer: I have not checked this myself so I hope someone comes out and tells me this is all wrong.)

Server Core role basically allows to install a minimal version of Longhorn and thus significantly reduce the attack surface and make your deployment more stable, efficient and secure. As there is no graphical user interface administrators are using the command-line instead. This makes sense except that the command-line is the same old cmd.exe.

To make it even worse, I was told that you cannot install PowerShell there manually even if you wanted to because PowerShell requires .NET which is not supported on Server Core.

I think this all is a real pity. Server Core and PowerShell were born to be together. I hope this was not an intentional decision but was rather a matter of priorities and having to chose to be able to ship.

Does this mean it’s time to start compiling your SP1 wish-lists?

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