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Exchange 2007 PowerPack: UI on top of PowerShell

Exchange 2007 is one of the most PowerShell’ized Microsoft platforms. PowerGUI reuses that to provides graphical interface for bulk property changes, mailbox provisioning from csv files, public folder- and certificate management.

I’ve just uploaded to PowerGUI library a pack for Exchange 2007 that does all of the above and much more.

PowerGUI had a built-in pack for managing Exchange 2007 for a long time. However, the trick has been that the pack only showed up when PowerGUI was installed on a computer which already had either Exchange or the management tools. Install the stuff in reverse order (PowerGUI first) and you have not Exchange pack in it. Now even in that case you can download the PowerShell-based Exchange pack separately and import it into PowerGUI.

I’ve also shot a webcast about the pack and will hopefully upload it to this week and will make a few blog posts on it contents.

P.S. Historically one of the reasons why we started the PowerGUI project was due to the fact that once we started using E12 (codename for Exchange 2007) beta we found that indeеhe UI (Exchange Management Console) was just a subset of the PowerShell command-line and the latter was the only option for a lot of management operations: public folders, certificates, etc. Luckily PowerShell was indeed available for all these operations and this pack gives you UI for all these operations.

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