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PowerShell for Active Directory Examples

Andrei published on a bunch of how-to’s to Active Directory management with PowerShell:

In these posts Andrei shares some of his tips and tricks for using free Active Directory cmdlets to manage your AD environment.

Among the scenarios he covers are:

  • Enumerating users, groups and other objects
    • List all users in my domain
    • List all users in a specific OU
    • Get help on Get-QADUser parameters
    • Get specific user properties
    • List first-level organizational units in your domain
    • List all users in my domain with their display name and city
    • Find all users in my domain that has City attribute starts with ‘ny’
  • Updating user properties
    • Set description for a specific user account:
    • Set city to Liverpool for all user accounts in the Demo OU
  • User creation
    • Create user accounts
  • Group operations
    • Create a new group
    • Add all users with a specific description to a group
    • List group members, display names and descriptions
  • Bulk creation
    • Export useraccounts to a CSV file
    • Import useraccounts from a CSV file
    • Import useraccounts from CSV file and add them to a specific group
  • Statistics:
    • Count users, groups, OUs
    • Count departments
    • Get statistics for departments, locations, etc.
    • Count mailboxes per each mailbox store (will work against Exchange 2000 and Exchange 2003)

Note that all of them are one-liners! Managing Active Directory from command line has never been so easy.

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